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World of Banished Website has been shutdown

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    RedKetchup has posted this message on Reddit, a few of us are now over at Simtropolis included Brad, Abandoned and Kid1293

    I have the hard task to inform you World of Banished website has cease to exist yesterday.
    the database got damaged and the owner wont try to fix it. So it is officially over.
    It was such a wonderful place for all those years. Thanks to entire Banished community to have kept this place alive and made it an home for many.
    Personally, i m gonna stop to come here in few days since nobody will require accounts being made anymore.

    I wish you all well



    Good morning TOM,

    With the news this weekend of losing WOB permanently, what are you thoughts on the future of Banished? The players have been scattered as there was no warning to the shutdown. Some have found their way to the SC4 website.

    I will ask this as well. TOM, have you ever heard any more news on our good friend NILLA? She is greatly missed.

    Tom Sawyer

    Hey Brad,

    no news from Nilla since her last post 2 years ago. I hope she is doing well.

    I was also quite absent this whole time. My last info from WoB was that someone wanted to take over the forum but did not happen. To completely lose the site now would be bad. There was a lot of gathered knowledge about modding this game.

    The link to Simtropolis I added to my list in the footer.


    Hello again we might need to change the title of this post as WoB is back again, a April backup of the site was given to Kralyerg and he had uploaded it to a new site, its had a slight address change and is now .org not .com

    The full notice is over here


    Kralyerg has now organised for the .com address to be reactivated so W0B can be reached on either address

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