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    Winter is coming, but the Free Folk thrive in its face. Nothing will delay their ambitions or overcome their resolve.

    For this challenge, you must use the mods North 7.1.3, Stone Tools, and Ironman. Use any map size and terrain. Disasters are optional. Starting conditions are Survivor mode with Harsh climate. This gives you two adult couples with no resources or buildings to start. Everyone will die within two months without food and shelter.

    Before the end of Year 1, you must:
    • Have 4 adults and 2 children alive. All 6 people must wear Hide Capes and live in Turf Houses stocked with food and fuel.
    • Also build a Wooden Idol, a Cemetery, a Well, and Thingstead (Stonehenge-like town hall).

    Easier challenge: Use Fair or Mild climate and/or don’t use Ironman.

    God-tier challenge: Also build a Healer’s Hut, a Sauna, and/or a Wooden Bridge.

    I’ve attached some screenshots to prove this is possible. This challenge doesn’t take long to attempt since it involves building as much as possible in the first year using the hardest starting conditions.

    First hint: Slow down. This challenge has a deliciously counterintuitive twist. It is my precious. You will fail many times. I’ll post some more hints next week.

    Good luck!


    Here is some basic guidance for those of you attempting this challenge:

    • This challenge is very difficult! You will fail many times. Don’t give up; you will have a lot of fun as you get deeper into this. Since this is a Year 1 challenge, it doesn’t take long to attempt and it’s easy to start over.
    • Ironman doubles the amount of food your citizens need to eat (from 100 to 200 each per year). All food has to go into a storage building (not a house) before your citizens can eat it.
    • You will need to build at least 1 Goahti house at the start of the game to give your citizens a place to warm up before they freeze. You can collect firewood or peat for fuel.
    • The most difficult map terrain options are Mountains and Lakeland since you can’t hunt deer or collect boulders (needed to build Thingstead) on mountains or water. This challenge is very difficult even on Valley or Lowland maps though!
    • As soon as the game starts, hit pause and check out your options for nearby food and boulders. If you don’t have deer and enough boulders for Thingstead available without building a bridge, it is probably best to start over with a new map seed.
    Tom Sawyer

    Nice idea! Sounds extremely challenging and depending on map I think.


    Thanks Tom! It does depend on the map you get, but it’s very difficult to complete this challenge even with an ideal map start.

    You have no idea what you unleashed with Stone Tools and Boulders :)

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