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    ATTEMPT to merge RKEC with DS IND and CC

    mod adjustments fixed the trade animals. ran several tests for the paper mill. flax is such a trouble spot. KID’s garden flax can make linen coats with his workplace tailor.however, that flax can not be used to make linen with any mod. more testing and adjustments did not solve this. we can grow flax from seed or use the flax that is gathered to make linen. with the papermill moved toward the top of the mod order, it does accept the linen. did not run any testing on any other chains that might need linen.

    there is so much give and take to adding mods together. all within the memory limitations of this computer. the RK brings too much not to use it as a base mod.however,i prefer the colonial buildings over the medieval. i like the DS building styles but they do require more materials so they don’t get used often.the older CC mods are smaller which helps with memory.the oldest 1 has too many seeds. i scratch my head and debate this as i do have the bannies education system functioning so well with the DS IND mod.

    i am going to merge the RKEC with the DS IND and add the CC NF. how much other mods will i have to give up to keep within the memory limits? ok, lot more testing and removing some mods. memory use to 87%.this mod order needs play tested. there will be issues due to the 1.06 CC. some older buildings will not except items that are using the new limits and vise versa. these issues will be fixed in the next map.

    i should explain some of this mod order. the RKEC is the main base mod. the pine mod spawns many items which the RKEC adds to.thatch-fodder is used in some construction,to feed KID’s animal pens,and is burned as firewood. the bison are more wild looking. of course, the CC NF brings many colonial styled buildings with it. the Indian part is upgraded with the Frontier add-on mod.the DS IND brings more advanced factories and tradng posts.this mod influences the happiness and health systems. with this many mods, the menu does not show the effects well. you do need to avoid filling churches as that will cause a work strike.these bannies are trained at the Landing Fort.nomads arrive un-educated per the game, but they do produce food as educated. specialists such as blacksmiths still need to be educated.

    if you have any questions on any of this or the many other mods added,please ask.

    Description=march|RKEC-DS IND-CC NF set||3.7 GB 120 mods 87% memory

    Duque-571007802,fresh spring valley,large,fair, disasters off,farmer

    orders from the Landing Fort-cities need more logs. goal is to build a trade fort to ship 5,000 logs. the fort will be surrounded by do this,i’ll build a huge Gatherer wharehouse to store the logs.this is goal #1. if this goes well, i may add more goals after completing the log order.

    8 bannies with their families were sent to build the fort.2 surveyors to map the area, an officer to oversee the work,a messenger to report back to the fort and escort nomads2 farmers ,,a blacksmith, and a tailor.the fort was established next to a huge mountain ridge. they will quarry marble to trade for seeds and livestock.

    we spent the 1st 10 years building up the fort. it has a church,school,doc and mayor ‘s office,tavern,general market, a nordic market to bring the logs in, and a huge gatherer wharehouse. there are 2 trade posts,a farm trader and general goods post. a random mine and marble quarry work nearby. the fort has the daily news office for the nomad escorts,a post office for the officer,a map office for the surveyors,a barber shop, a coffee house,an undertaker,a deli,and a land claim’s office. the shop houses by KIDD really make the fort and other areas come to life. this is a neat concept that he added to the modding world.

    pic 1: start settings
    pic 2: map
    pic 3: fort base


    I must ask: What are your reason to keep the CC mod in this mixture? I see no real use for it. You’re talking about the colonial buildings but to be able to build most of the more beautiful houses, you need to make upgrades. Red’s and DS production chains are both more efficient and realistic.


    good question. that i ask myself many times with various mods in between maps. it does need to be weighed or thought out with the “give and take” of using a variety of mods mixed together.

    it is not a simple answer. each mod brings something to the order. i should do a write up on this order and what each mod does and why it is placed where it is in the order as well. remind me to do that for the next map.there is good reason for that as a list and explanation will make more sence then.

    for now i will answer for the CC mod. the CC brings the colonial styled buildings. the huge townhall, a variety of churches,etc. it does have a dryer for the tobacco which fits with the Indians and the era of settling America. that was an important part of our trading in our history. the CC also is the only mod that brings a furniture factory. this fits with KID’s shop just makes sence to build the factory with the furniture shop house.

    the DS and RKEC factories are harder to build as they require more materials.this is an older version of CC before the complex chains.i had to go backwards to a smaller 1.06 version due to limits in computer memory.

    i have played ahead of the postings. am about a map ahead. there are changes coming after this map.then i will take time to explain things better.


    YEAR 10-20

    to produce more tools, a RH blacksmith was built to make rough tools. the RK smith will smelt iron and iron ore mine was also needed.

    our plan was to build the vanilla, CC new tree and hardwood foresters south of the fort between the main river and a stream .a hunter hut works between them and gatherers are set up in each. a small chapel was built to keep the forest workers happy.between the fort and forests, a thatch meadow will be planted. the hay will feed livestock. honey can be collected from the bees that pollinate the grass.

    we are behind on our goal, but have shipped 700 logs. now that the forests are planted, we will be able to send more logs quicker.

    these show many of KID’s shop houses from a couple mod sets.they function as houses but look like shops. a fun and neat concept.

    pic 1:stats
    pic 2: production
    pic 3: inventory
    pic 4: food graph
    pic 5:fort overview


    It’s been a while since I played CC, especially the older versions but if I remember it right, drying tobacco and making furniture in CC is a loss. They are trading goods where the value of the input is less than the value of the output or the profit so small that a worker can’t support himself. And if you want the furniture to make these weird building material for the fancier houses, it’s a huge loss, better buy them.

    I can understand the churches, CC has various beautiful churches, can agree on that but especially with your church issues (that I don’t understand and not fully believe) I would consider not building any churches at all. What I have seen so far, you haven’t made people happy anyway with the DS Happiness system. But maybe you’ll make a try this time and then you’ll need churches.

    I can also understand the Indian buildings (or rather native American to be politically correctšŸ˜‰) except a few from Kid there aren’t many I know of.


    my girl-friend and i had a pet die the other has been a hard and sad week here. because of that, i screwed up the picture order. i have to give you yesterday’s pics and then you will be caught up.

    pic 1:stats
    pic 2: production
    pic 3: inventory
    pic 4:food graph
    pic 5:meadow overview
    pic 6: CC forest overview
    pic 7: increased mines and tool outputs


    YEAR 20-25

    we planted the 3 pine mod forests to the east of the CC forests. a paper mill works on the stream between the 2 sets. it will use the flax gathered from the forests and from a nearby field of flax. a CC weaver makes the linen. a small village was built near the mill. it has a school,church,and a small market.

    we added a 3rd trading post to move the paper. a cart helps haul logs to the fort. we began extending farms west of the fort.more barns were built to store the marble and coal.

    we shipped 800 more logs throughout the last 5 years.

    pic 1:pine forests
    pic 2:paper mill,CC weaver,and flax field
    pic 3: new trading post
    pi 4: west farms


    YEAR 26-30

    an ND forest outpost forest and a tiny forest are planted to the west.the forests have a FO school and church. these FO buildings do require thatch to be built. this mod is higher in the mod order so that it sets the houses to burn thatch as firewood.we also expand more farms.

    the fort continued adding more shop houses.there is a barber,bank,and an odd and ends store.

    we have many seeds. we have traded for pigs,longhorns,and dairy cows.

    we have shipped a total of 2700 logs

    pic 1: west forests
    pic 2:west farms
    pic 3: northwest farms
    pic 4: stats
    pic 5: production
    pic 6: inventory
    pic 7: graph


    YEAR 30-35

    to the north, a KID workplace and combo forest plant in 1 canyon. a RK fodder hut works the other canyon.a sawmill was needed to cut the lumber for its construction. beekeepers work the meadow to bring in more honey.

    the fort walls were also added a barn to dry the tobacco.we have shipped the 5000 logs.

    that took longer than it was suppose to. my original idea was to ship half the logs produced each year starting in year 10. when i set the Gatherer wharehouse to store the logs, i hit iron by mistake. several years went by before i caught my mistake. by then we had a tool shortage. trying to salvage it and catch up the logs caused a domino effect for more years.

    the north forests needed a tiny church.while there, the builders built a small school and hospital. the north farms planted 2 wheat fields and a veggy field. they also added a grain mill and a veggy sorter.there is enough food,that we did away with the 2 fort fields.

    goal #1 completed- 5000 logs shipped
    #2 was to build the paper mill which is functioing well.

    pic 1:north forests
    pic 2: fodder meadow
    pic 3:north forest village
    pic 4:fort wall
    pic 5: north grain fields
    pic 6: logs shipped



    most of the forests have had time to plant more trees and fill in. i can show you the diversity of the different forests. i did not plant the bamboo,palm tree, or orchard forests.

    with this mod order setup, i have wild animals per the RK EC mod. ducks,pheasant,bison,deer,bear,boars,and elk. many berries per both the RKEC and pine mods.there are traps that give furs and pelts. we have eggs from wild birds or ducks,2 labels of these in the inventory.there are fiddleheads and chanterellas from the pine mod. firewood,seedlings,flowers,cotton, and thatch spawn per the RKEC. with TANDY’s flora mod ,we have rose hips,wild honey from bees and wild oats. flax grows as well.the bannies will also collect onions,mushrooms,and roots.all these items are scattered on the map.some may die off over time.some will continue to regrow on their own.

    the different forests do spawn different items. a KID forest will spawn roots and onions more than a pine mod forest for example. so the odds of what spawns or grows in each of these forests is different.

    the CC hardwood is used to make fancy furniture.KID’s ND FO mod does require thatch in some construction. it also allows all the houses to use thatch as firewood.the KID tiny forest buildings hcome with their own storage. he has his forests set to collect more of TANDY’s items.pine mod forests- the maple forest gives apples and maple sap. for some reason it isn’t showing those in the gathering cache menu.but you can see from the barns,those items are being gathered. the pine forest gives pine boughs and resin and more flax.all of these can be processed into other goods.

    these forests give many options of different tools,trade goods,foods,or clothing that can be produced.

    pic 1:CC forest outputs
    pic 2:CC forest overview
    pic 3:pine outputs
    pic 4: pine forest overview
    pic 5:KID forest outputs
    pic 6:: KID over view


    Why are you only using one gatherer at each site but 3 foresters?


    i sent more foresters to get the new trees planted faster. i normally only send 1 gatherer cause a 2nd does not double the output. they increase but not completely double it. thing is now that you mention it, i should have later dropped back to 1 or 2 foresters. with so many the trees won’t mature much and the outputs of the gatherer is less.i think that ment less outputs for the pine mod gatherers of the pine boughs and sap.


    YEAR 36 and 37

    what do i show you next? i’ll extend the paper mill village to include the pine mod producers. since we have the items,we may as well use them.this will be the 3rd goal. we will continue shipping 500 more logs per year.

    a pine spinner makes twine from flax.the blacksmith makes bough tools.the loom makes more linen.the furrier hut makes fur coats.a maple boiler and cider press work to supply a maple whiskey still.a boathouse will make fishing nets from the flax. a kiln and turpentine still will use pine resin and boughs to make turpentine.the pine village has a townhall,church,school,and a market.

    the fort adds a bakery to use flour from the north grain fields. a butcher shop will process meat from the hunters.there is also a jail.

    pic 1: pine village
    pic 2:maple whiskey still
    pic 3:bakery,butcher,and jail


    As I’ve said before it’s been a while since I played Necora’s mods but don’t rely too much on the products made from the pine forest resources. It may be fun to have those buildings but the profit is bad, it’s basically better to sell the raw materials, just so you know.

    And a second, third and even fourth gatherer is very much worth assigning. Even if it may not produce 100% of the first, the second makes something like 90%, the third 80% and the fourth 70%. Still more than a farmer or most other food producers I know of. Only if the circle of the gatherer is smaller than vanilla, 4 gatherers may be too much and the output gets down after some time.

    But you are right that the forestry influences the output from the gatherer. Most food need mature trees to spawn and if you cut too many, there’s less food. It’s always a balance of what you need more, food or logs. And too little forestry or only planting isn’t perfect to get the highest yield from the gathers either. You need space for the foodstuff and if the forest is too dense, there’s less room. Always this balance. I looked a lot at these things in my earlier games, in the vanilla time, as well as testing different mods.


    YEAR 38 and 39

    goal #4-soon, the mines will need candles or lamps to be dug deeper. we also have the CC hardwood and plenty of linen. so a town will be built to the east of the fort between the river and lake.we’ll build several of the CC processors.

    the CC town has a sawmill to cut lumber,a joiner that makes fancy furniture from the hardwood, a CC butcher to provide tallow for the CC candlery,and a small CC town market. the CC town has RK country houses.a cooper makes the crates needed for the pipe tobacco.the town is well fed with a quay fishery and meat locker.

    this is a 1.06 version of CC. we see no issues yet. the lumber is working and only shows 1 tag in the inventory.

    we have shipped 7000 logs.this filled the wharehouse and another was built.

    pic 1:pine lodges,
    pic 2: 2nd log wharehouse
    pic 3: start of CC town



    Goal #1-build a fort surrounded by farms and the forests to ship 5000 logs. and showcase the diversity of the forests. completed
    #2- build the paper mill to test the mod order adjustment. this works fine completed
    #3-build the pine mod processors completed
    #4- build several of the CC processors ongoing

    population 364,196 workers and 61 students in 95 houses. everyone is well fed with a varied diet.the fort trades of paper,marble,pipe tobacco, twine, fishing nets,fancy furniture from the hardwood, and turpentine. we are using more logs now.this is slowing down our blacksmiths. we will need to plant another forest soon. we have huge amounts of textiles. furs,flax,and pelts are being colleted way faster than the processors can use them.

    we can plant cucumbers,corn, oats,wheat,sunflowers,potatoes,roots,field onions,squash,tomatoes,sugar beets, veggy’s, blueberries,blackberries,apples,peaches,strawberries,grapes,maple trees,field berries,rockmelons, as well as flax and tobacco. there are pigs,chickens,leghorns,leghorns, and dairy cows.

    the effects of the DS IND mod do not show up well. we did improve the health with more grain. as long as we avoid filling churches, the bannies continue working.

    the combined mods of RKEC,DS IND, and CC NF are working well together so far. i do want to continue some tests of the older 1.06 CC processors. this mod order does give many options.CC added their dock set after this version,so i may make a couple small adjustments later.

    pic 1:stats
    pic 2: production
    pic 3: inventory
    pic 4:graphs
    pic 5: map
    pic 6:pine forests
    pic 7:papermill and pine village
    pic 8:CC forests
    pic 9: fort
    pic 10: west forests
    pic 11:north meadow and farms
    pic 12: CC town


    Now you’ve built all these different forests. Which of them do you like the most? How they look, output, resources?


    hmm, i don’t know which i like the most.they each have their place.the radius of the main is larger than the pine forests.KID’s tiny,the older version that i went back to, has storage with the forester,gatherer,and hunter buildings which is does save building 2 sheds,1 for the logs and materials and 1 for the food. the pine mod brings trapping to the entire map,not just in the pine mod the workers can collect pelts ,furs,and game. even the orchard forests have their place like to supply a EB winery.

    i tried to give outputs and overviews of them back in year 35. by the time i zoom out to get 2 or 3 of the forests in the pic,it is hard to see the differences in the trees.the outputs amounts are generally higher than i posted in the screenshots. i normally don’t set the foresters as high. here we were trying to ship so many logs and get the trees to fill in more.i think the foresters were cutting trees faster than they matured. the pine forests take about 5 years to get a good output with 1 or 2 foresters.

    honestly, i guess the best answer is i like to use more than 1 at a time. this diversity adds more realism to the map and game.not all forests in RL are the same.where i grew up ,we had pine and fir trees mixed with deciduous trees or maples,oaks,birch,hickory,aspens,etc. and that is not even figuring how large the USA is and the differences from the East coast to the west. or from the cold north to the warmer climates of the southwest.


    YEAR 40-49

    before we continue building the CC town, we increase log outputs. a KID tiny forest with storage is added to the far north. it has a herbalist and gatherer working in it. a 2nd maple forest is planted west near the other pine further help our tool situation, a blacksmith is built at the CC town.we did delay the log shipments by 1 year.

    a school,parish church,cemetary,and colonial town hall were built for the CC town. 2 shore houses work to bring in sand and clay.a KID tiny quarry and mine bring in more stone and coal.

    we have issues.we traded for beeswax that can not store in the CC candle shop.this can not be solved with mod order. it is due to the CC mod using the 1.06 limit flags.for now the bannies will use tallow for the candles. this does slow down our coal and stone productions. the brickworks and glass works will not except materials either even thou they are being dug with a CC shorehouse.the brick and glass will have to be made using a RK or DS building.the CC potter fails to accept the clay.the bedding maker fails to accept cloth.the shipyard fails to accept lumber.the saltinghouse fails to accept salt.the preservist will not accept glassware.

    this CC brickworks will make coke fuel from coal that is needed by the DS draft kiln. the kiln will make bricks. a DS blacksmith will begin making items needed for more DS buildings.a DS hearth was built to make anvils and iron fittings. a RK glass maker made glass for the Nordic market then glassware.

    with our housing way behind and this masny failed buildings, i will stop here. the candle shop issues with beeswax put us way behind on stone.the butcher is not making tallow very fast.hence the RK random quarry is waiting for candles before it can be dug deeper. i continued building the CC town while waiting but more issues have happened.

    will need to make some adjustments. made huge gains in the mod order and was able to get the CC processors to function with the other mods.

    pic 1:colonial town north,candle shop,CC butcher and cooper.
    pic 2: DS updraft kiln
    pic 3:townhall
    pic 4:shipyard and CC workplaces. there is a DS blacksmith and hearth and a Nordic market.
    pic 5: RK glass and more CC processors

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