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    Tom Sawyer
    Tom Sawyer

    Banished Bugs and Included Ideas:

    Beta v2 – November 8

    • Sheepskins included which can be used to make leather for clothing.
    • Thingsteads now attract a few nomads already in early game.
    • Seafarer now get nomads after trade routes are established (by chapels and churches).
    • Sheep Runs and Pastures can now be built by 2 workers.
    • Fixed a bug that decreased animal populations without human activity
    • Fixed wrong limits of Bloomery and Sheep Run.
    • Fixed a crash when clicking the building site of a Marketplace.
    • Fixed miners blocked inside clay spots if placed near mountains.
    • Fixed a storage bug of the DS Wagon Workshop unable to store Fittings.

    Things Todo:

    • Adjust merchants to bring seeds more seldom .. done
    • Fix tool limit at the campfire .. done
    • Fix unknown merchant at export docks .. done
    • Fix nomad pathing bug at Thingsteads .. done
    • Change textile limit in Trapper’s Cabin to material .. done
    • Add a line to sheep run production UI .. done
    • Fix fuel consumption in log cabins .. done
    • Fix the village shop picking/highlighting bug .. done
    • Add metal limit to smithies instead of utensils .. done
    • Fix alcohol carried out of the Mead Hall
    • Reducing spread of birches in Seafarer start
    • Adjusting firewood production and consumption
    • Fix DS wagen workshop production list
    • New Building: Healer’s Hut to use herbs in early game
    • Increase fur output of trapping
    • Check the market for filling issue and take out materials

    Future Fantasies:

    • Workshop for Frame Houses or in another old style
    • Stone Ford to cross small streams
    • Ashery to produce potash for glassmaking
    • Storage buildings for turfhouses
    • Primitive log houses without glass and chimney


    Thank you!



    Stone Tool production at the campfire uses the Log Limit.

    Tom Sawyer
    Tom Sawyer

    Thanks! That’s the difference between Limit = Tool and Tools =)



    Should I report bugs/issues here? Thanks for all the great work you are doing.

    I can’t cancel/remove these roads. Something is wrong.

    I thought about building Stone Roads into the woods to help my hunters along their trek. I am trying to build a Thingstead earlier and I have 250 Stone and only 7 Boulders or so. I thought “I’ll pave some roads to make stockpile space.” Then I realized it is cut stone blocks.

    So I have been canceling and removing roads. Something isn’t working though.


    Tom Sawyer
    Tom Sawyer

    That’s good to drop single bugs here.

    At the moment I can’t watch videos with my connection. Made a test and was able to place and remove all road types. Must be something special in your game. I will check it later. Thanks for testing!



    What´s your time plan for releasing a new version? I would like to hard test my idea of trade but it looks like the conditions on “harsh” don´t really allow this, at least not on this map with the start I made.

    If you´re planning to release a new version in the next few days, I would go on with my game a little further. Otherwise I would start a new game, where I try to advance to more modern times faster.

    Tom Sawyer
    Tom Sawyer

    A new version makes sense in some days. Will have a couple of new items to include and all the fixes and tweaks we gathered already. Also of trade if you like to test this more then. :)

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