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    Tom SawyerTom Sawyer

    Banished Bugs and Included Ideas:

    Beta v2 – November 8

    • Sheepskins included which can be used to make leather for clothing.
    • Thingsteads now attract a few nomads already in early game.
    • Seafarer now get nomads after trade routes are established (by chapels and churches).
    • Sheep Runs and Pastures can now be built by 2 workers.
    • Fixed a bug that decreased animal populations without human activity
    • Fixed wrong limits of Bloomery and Sheep Run.
    • Fixed a crash when clicking the building site of a Marketplace.
    • Fixed miners blocked inside clay spots if placed near mountains.
    • Fixed a storage bug of the DS Wagon Workshop unable to store Fittings.

    Beta v3 – November 25

    • New Building: Healer’s Hut to use herbs in early game.
    • New Building: Stepstones to cross streams.
    • Increased nomads coming to the Thingstead.
    • Fixed nomad pathing bug at Thingsteads.
    • Added iron bars to starts and removed stone tools.
    • Simplified size categories of food items (1-3).
    • Fixed hunting tool key and ‘removal’ typo.
    • Went back to 4 firewood from a log and took it away from ale/mead prod.
    • Adjusted merchants to bring salt more often and seeds more seldom.
    • Fixed unknown merchant at export docks.
    • Changed textile limit in Trapper’s Cabin to material.
    • Added a fourth row to sheep run production UI.
    • Fixed fuel consumption in log cabins.
    • Fixed the village shop picking/highlighting bug.
    • Added metal limit to smithies instead of utensils.
    • Reduced spread of trees in Seafarer start.
    • Fixed DS wagon workshop production list.
    • Increased fur output of trapping.
    • Banished wild reindeer from Iceland.
    • Removed ropes as building requirement of the marketplace.

    Things Todo:

    • Adjust Village starting conditions.. done
    • Fix granary storage and status icons.. done
    • Adjust recalculation of health for more efficient herbalism.. done
    • Set default workers of mines to 1.. done
    • Remove utensils from markets and reduce tools/clothes to make room for food.. done
    • Fix sugar storage bug in workshops.. done
    • Add a “Nomads” start for a fast growing scenario.. done
    • Fix missing pause icons of wooden chapel and others.. done
    • Fix the crashing building site of export docks when paused.. done
    • Make turfhouses slightly more expensive with stone..
    • Fix a bug that prevents vendors from filling up markets..
    • Fix alcohol carried out of the Mead Hall..

    Future Fantasies:

    • Workshop for Frame Houses or in another old style
    • Stone Ford to cross small streams
    • Ashery to produce potash for glassmaking
    • Storage buildings for turfhouses
    • Primitive log houses without glass and chimney
    • Small Viking huts for early housing

    Thank you!


    Stone Tool production at the campfire uses the Log Limit.

    Tom SawyerTom Sawyer

    Thanks! That’s the difference between Limit = Tool and Tools =)


    Should I report bugs/issues here? Thanks for all the great work you are doing.

    I can’t cancel/remove these roads. Something is wrong.

    I thought about building Stone Roads into the woods to help my hunters along their trek. I am trying to build a Thingstead earlier and I have 250 Stone and only 7 Boulders or so. I thought “I’ll pave some roads to make stockpile space.” Then I realized it is cut stone blocks.

    So I have been canceling and removing roads. Something isn’t working though.


    Tom SawyerTom Sawyer

    That’s good to drop single bugs here.

    At the moment I can’t watch videos with my connection. Made a test and was able to place and remove all road types. Must be something special in your game. I will check it later. Thanks for testing!


    What´s your time plan for releasing a new version? I would like to hard test my idea of trade but it looks like the conditions on “harsh” don´t really allow this, at least not on this map with the start I made.

    If you´re planning to release a new version in the next few days, I would go on with my game a little further. Otherwise I would start a new game, where I try to advance to more modern times faster.

    Tom SawyerTom Sawyer

    A new version makes sense in some days. Will have a couple of new items to include and all the fixes and tweaks we gathered already. Also of trade if you like to test this more then. :)


    I repeated the Road thing in vanilla. It’s an issue with me spamming the place road and remove road buttons really fast.

    So, yeah, EBKAC and Vanilla issue, so nothing for you to fix.


    A Sheep Run should have 4 items on the production log. Sheep Runs currently have 3 items.

    Sheep Runs produce Wool, Animal Fat, Sheepskin and Mutton.

    Tom SawyerTom Sawyer

    Yes it should and it’s already in the list as done. :)


    Woops! Glad you are way ahead of me :)


    Placing an unreachable Export Trading Dock, then pausing it, causes a crash.

    Placing other buildings/docks does not have this affect. Placing reachable Export Trading Docks and pausing them does not have this affect.

    I started lots of new games and was able to repeat this crash.

    Sometimes it was affected by game speed. Sometimes it was not.

    Tom SawyerTom Sawyer

    Unreachable means in an isolated lake and pausing its building process? I will try to reproduce it. Sounds strange.


    Across the river was enough. I was able to start many new games, place the building immediately, and pause it.

    If I do that on my side of the river — works fine.

    If I do that on the far side of the river — crash.

    Tom SawyerTom Sawyer

    Ah, you mean unreachable for people, not for boats.^^ I will do some tests.

    Tom SawyerTom Sawyer

    It was crashing when pausing it but always, not only if unreachable or in a special game speed. I have fixed it by taking away the 8th building material. Seems there is any internal limit at 7 items and for some reason the 8th causes a crash when this building UI shows pause. I removed the ropes and since I also removed it from marketplace the game obviously tries to get rid of it.^^

    Thank you for this find!


    I see how “unreachable was unclear”. My bad.

    The cause was 8 ingredients? I would have never guessed.

    I’m impressed you figured it out and fixed it so fast. I was completely clueless.

    Tom SawyerTom Sawyer

    That was the cause, yes. Fast to find and fix just because I know my own stuff and it’s the only object with 8 materials.^^ You can use the export dock in this beta but not to pause its building site.


    There´s a bug at the farmer´s workshop. I try to save some berries by producing jam but the farmer just carries the sugar back and forth.

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