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    Tried this new building out. Here are some of my thoughts and experiences.

    Settings: small map, survivor, valleys, harsh climate

    The first game I played with it, everyone starved to death. To be fair, everyone was probably going to starve to death anyway because my starting spot was awful. I built the camp quite early because I thought I had seen enough reindeer around that it would be worth it, but the hunter didn’t catch many. They were mainly passing through instead of lingering and the random search pattern of the hunter usually missed them. That was frustrating.

    Next game, same settings, I had a much better starting spot and held off on building the hunting camp until I had gotten a couple pairs of immigrants from the thingstead. This time, the hunting camp was very useful and produced 500-900 venison per year. I did not build the campfire at the camp because I had already built one closer to the centre of town, but I do think it’s cool that they’re designed to go together if desired. I’m currently in year 15 and have 3 hunting camps set up.

    So basically, it’s a nice building. It looks good. It starts being useful once you get to 8 citizens or so. What I’m wondering though is if it has made the hunting lodge irrelevant. Having set up hunting camps in all the good spots I see no reason why I would replace them with hunting lodges or even use hunting lodges at other locations. I should mention that I have little interest in late game and don’t think I’ve played a game using the North mod past year 40, so if there is some advantage to the lodge that would come in after that, it’s not something I’ve considered.

    Tom SawyerTom Sawyer

    Thank you for your feedback! Always good to know how an item works in real games. It can be indeed that some people will prefer the camp over the cabin, like others only hunt with the tool. But there are some differences that can make the cabin more useful, especially later in a game. One thing is its 3 times bigger storage which is dedicated to hides. When you start caring about their health, it can be an issue with meat in a hunting object. People living near the camp will gather food there and have a very poor diet. In early game when people survive on just meat and fish anyway, it’s not a big problem and the camp a good choice. Also, with the bigger radius of the cabin you don’t have to care about special hunting locations. It just has to be placed somewhere in the forest. And another difference (that can also be seen as a drawback) are the close seasons of 0.5 month, hunters in the cabin take to not extinct deer herds. Both radius and close seasons make it more sustainable in general. At the end it’s probably just a matter of taste and players have another option with hunting. :)

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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