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    Does anyone understand how market workers choose to fill the market?

    Here’s what prompted this question. I was looking through the village hall stock table to see what goods were low to decide what to build next. I notice that skyr was unusually high: I had 4556 of them and I hadn’t made any for years. I let a year run and then another… still 4556 skyr. So… why is nobody eating the skyr?

    Everyone is within range of two large vanilla markets (~20 people for one, ~150 for the other). The skyr is all in one barn at 100% capacity near the more populous market. I watched the market workers go around and they do silly little runs, like fetch 1 venison and 1 milk or 12 honey on a run. The market stays around 70% full.

    I tried bumping up the number of market workers to 8, still no skyr taken. Then I tried moving 900 skyr to a trading dock. Ah-ha! Suddenly the market takes a few dozen skyr. Then nothing for awhile, and about a year later a market worker takes another dozen skyr.

    What’s going on? The bannies chow through hundreds of every type of fruit and vegetable each year, and presumably lots of the other protein. Why is the priority to stock skyr so low? It doesn’t really matter if they eat skyr or not. I would just like to understand the market mechanics if possible.


    Good question that I’ve tried to answer since I first played Banished. I have seen same things as you, vendors walk far to collect single pieces and ignoring larger posts close. There seems to be no logic. My experience is that larger markets make more problems than smaller. To be honest, I’ve given up to understand how they work in detail, so if anyone can explain, I’ll be happy.


    i agree. markets are the least understood part of the game. modders can make all kinds of markets and decide what flag they will store. but there are mysteries hidden deep in the coding on how the vendors function.

    i have spent enough time following them around to realize the vendors are different from 1 modder to another. from what i have seen, even the modders do not understand why their own vendors function with quirks. there are so many modders over the years and so many mods with markets,it would take years of real time to study and list the things they all do that differ from another.each has their own personality.

    to solve the issue you have ,there is 1 thing you could try. add a different mod or build a market from a different mod if you have 1 in your mod is possable that a different market might move the items more than the market you are using.


    So we sacrificed some sheep at the stave church, danced the Hambo, and drank a ton of mead. Then we tore down the old barn and built a new one on the same spot rotated 180 degrees.

    Now the market workers aren’t afraid of the barn anymore and the bannies have all available foods in their homes.


    Ha ha! :) I guess the sacrifices, dancing and drinking were necessary!

    Glad you got things working. I never built barns right up next to each other.

    Tom SawyerTom Sawyer

    I’m also sure the Hambo solved it. =)

    And if not, I would say this barn object was bugged and for unknown reasons never got selected by the core game function that selects next location for picking stuff by a vendor. We have no insight into the code and can’t influence it by modding.


    I think it was rather the mead that increased the courage of your vendors. ;)

    I had some issues with barns with two doors, too. Farmers refused to use the closest door. They passed that door and walked around the barn to the other door and put their grain there and were always late with the harvest. It didn´t help to turn the barn. My guess was that they wanted to use the door closest to their home but I can´t say for sure.

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