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    So I was wondering if there’s a difference in production from the different livestock “buildings.”

    I have a couple of 25×25 Paddocks, one with cows and one with chickens. The chickens one holds 125 chickens and produces around 340 food per year (180 meat 160 eggs or so). My cows paddock is not full yet, but in a previous game I had a similar one and it was quite a bit, closer to 1,000 food per year between meat and milk. I noticed that when my stockbreeder picks up the eggs in the pen at the chicken paddock, they get replaced fairly quickly and I was wondering if some of the chicken production is going to waste because the stocks can’t get emptied fast enough for that many chickens? Are the specialized buildings more productive per chicken, or are they size limited because that’s what the worker can produce and more is just a waste anyway? Or are they just different buildings to give some variety?

    Tom SawyerTom Sawyer

    Hi and welcome!

    Yes, eggs are wasted in a big paddock full of chickens where people can’t pick them up fast enough. Chickens stop dropping eggs if those spots are full (like cows stop giving milk and sheep giving wool). Laborers also pick up eggs but they do not slaughter, so an overwhelmed stockbreeder is wasting meat as well. Chickens are more suitable in small areas where cows would not have enough room.

    The idea of different pastures was originally to have nice looking variants for different livestock and to not have to raise chickens in pastures. Different productivity results only from species and their characteristics, and those circumstances like area and walkways to storage.

    Different min/max sizes of pastures kind of suit the livestock they are meant for. In a coop it’s only useful to breed chickens because too small for sheep and cows. And in a paddock it’s only useful to breed cows or sheep because they are more productive than chickens there. It’s not possible to limit the select livestock button in different pasture objects but players usually pick the suitable option because it makes the most sense not only in look but also in productivity.


    Thanks for the reply! I’ve been running some tests – really I’ve been trying to design a “hub” that provides enough food for some growth and so I’ve been trying to figure out what kind of production I can expect from different food producers to try to get the right number of houses for the production, and also get an estimate of what kind of excess food production to expect from it. Its a fun little puzzle to solve, inspired by alecium from here:

    So far, cows and barley are the clear winners from a food per worker perspective. I’m not sold on any food processing until my workers are educated, although I haven’t tested yet.

    Anyway – this is a fantastic mod.

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