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Tuberculosis has broken out, even though disaster on “off”

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    I am in a game (farmer). I had set disaster and Ironman to “off”. I am in the 14th year.
    Now tuberculosis has broken out.
    1. Is that correct? That an illness breaks out even though I had set disaster to „off“?
    2. The sick bannies just stop working and stand in front of their house. And then all my bannies died … Why don’t they go in the Healers hat? I have about 150 herbs.


    This is all vanilla gameplay. You can´t turn diseases off. (Maybe there´s a mod that can but I haven´t heard of it.)

    I´m pretty sure your Bannis didn´t all die of tuberculosis, even if it´s a pretty nasty thing but as you´ve seen when you don´t have a doctor (and there is none you can build in an early Nordic game) they will stay at the doorway and not work until they are well again and of course, if it´s harvest time, it might turn out really bad.

    The healer´s hut is no doctor, it´s a herbalist. Herbs can improve health if you don´t have a good diet (increase the hearts). If people are healthy it´s less probable that they get a disease but they may get ill also with 5 hearts.


    Thank you soooo much for your answer and help, Nilla!!!

    Okay … I had 13 adults and 13 children … I was so happy .. Food was more than enough … I finally wanted to start producing glass … And then – tuberculosis!!!
    When 8 Bannies became ill with tuberculosis and 4 of them died, I had stopped the game to ask if this was correct.

    So I should have just “sat it out” and hope they get better?

    Then I’ll take an earlier save of the game and give it a try.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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