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    Hallo Tom

    Do you have mods for a “viking” town hall and ale house/tavern for vanilla?

    Thank you, all the best.
    Have a great day

    Tom Sawyer

    My viking style townhall is the Thingstead and the tavern like building the Mead Hall. Both not yet available as separate mods for vanilla but I can make it. Probably with included beeyard to get the mead.

    The more you go for a full Norse setting I would rather suggest the main mod though.

    Tom Sawyer

    I just added the Thingstead and the Temple as separate mods for vanilla. The temple works with just firewood unlike in North7. It has no circle because covering the whole map.

    The Mead Hall I’m not sure yet how to make it vanilla compatible, with mead requiring honey requiring beehives and the completely different alcohol and trading balancing in vanilla. It might follow later. The temple serves as compensation. ;)

    Download under separated buildings in Mods..

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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