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    YEAR 34

    this family of 4 nomads will help as laborers and build near the veggy farms.the doc was able to get the outbreak cleared up .only a few production workers got sick.due to the epidemic another cemetary was fenced.a grainery was built.soon grain fields can be cleared nearby.

    we traded for 3 chickens that were sent to the holding pen.we traded for more thatch and firewood.

    pic 1:nomad house
    pic 2: cemetary
    pic 3: grainary


    YEAR 35

    to help the traders,a graduate couple moved to the trade district. a hotel ,another barn and a fish market were constructed also. the 5 nomads will plant the oat fields,orchard, and 2 more farmyards.

    we trade for logs,furs, and apples. we gained raspberry seeds for an orchard.

    pic 1:grain farms
    pic 2: hotel
    pic 3: fish market


    YEAR 36

    with this many mods,the trading posts do not prioritize stocking items alphabetically.seems to be more based on mod order. this causes items that are in excess to be moved slower than other items. here bricks aren’t being moved as fast as they are produced. i’ll make some trading adjustments. the building material TP will switch from lumber to bricks.copper will be moved to the main general trade post.

    a corn crib tavern is built for the production workers. a tiny wood cutter is set up. the next graduate couple will move there. a new chicken pasture was nomads arrived this year.

    we trade for raspberry and some veggys,500 logs, and some thatch. we also took in copper ore and iron ore.

    pic 1: trade stocks
    pic 2:chicken pasture
    pic 3: corn crib tavern


    YEAR 37

    11 nomads arrive.1 family will move tend to the chickens. 1 will expand the grain fields.1 couple will help haul in more sand and clay.the 4th will move near the colonial town center and plant watermelons. we had to send more builders to finish all the houses.we are now at 8 builders being supplied by over 20 laborers.

    the oldest grandchild graduated.she says she wants to move to the forest and help the trappers.

    trading brought in 200 iron ore for 50 glass,potatoes and cranberries for lumber and hide coats.

    pic 1:nomad houses at the production area
    pic 2: grain farms
    pic 3: by cemetary
    pic 4:chicken pasture


    YEAR 38

    the grandchild chose not to move into the plantation house. Aryann chose to work at the colonial market. her husband works at the new wood cutter.a young nomad moved to the forest and traps more pelts and furs.

    6 nomads arrived,2 couples with 2 small children.they will expand the livestock zone. a breeding barn for pigs and 2 farmyards were planted for more pigs and chickens.

    we trade for 1000 blueberries,thatch and copper ore.

    pic 1:wood cutter and Aryann’s house
    pic 2: livestock zone
    pic 3: trapper


    YEAR 39

    all our churches are almost full. a new church is needed for the forest workers.a graduate couple move to the trade district. they make toys to trade. to keep the toy store supplied with logs,we need to increase logs again. an RK forest set is built along the far east map edge.

    14 nomads arrived.9 workers and 6 children. they wll plant more grain and sugar beet fields. we are falling behind on time to build graduate houses.

    Aryann had a baby girl. the 1st great grand child of the educated citizens. Aryann’s grandparents were the 1st nomad couple to arrive at Celestover. this is where i expected construstion to become hectic. 1 nomad couple is still living at the hotel. construction of several houses for graduates was started.yet we are 9 houses behind. KIDD’s houses only allow 2 builders,so increasing builders is not speeding things up.

    trade for 1000 logs and 100 firewood.another merchant brought 2000 cranberries and 1400 game. we had 1 old age death.

    pic 1:forest church
    pic 2: grain fields
    pic 3: toy store
    pic 4: RK forest


    I’m curious, Brad; do you have several nomad attractors? Otherwise, I don’t understand why you had 11 nomads in year 37, 6 nomads in year 38 and 14 nomads in year 39. When I used Kid’s nomad attractor, it was almost exactly 20% of the population every year, not such a large variation as you have here.


    i’m using just the 2% welcome sign in this map.



    population 324,168 adults and 64 students. we have 102 children. 75 houses including the hotel.there were 4 deaths over the last 10 years.there was an outbreak of dysentary but our doc was able to treat everyone. we took in 55 nomads. we built 24 houses plus a hotel.we are behind 10 houses. we dug a coal mine and clay pit. we now produce bricks and toys.we also increased our glass and clothing outputs. we have 2 taverns and added a 4th church and our 2nd cemetary. we now have oat seed and added pigs and chickens.we also gained root and rasberry seeds.

    the 2 new forests and trading have kept us supplied with logs. the farms continue expanding. the livestock area has us well stocked with meat.

    the 1st nomad grandchild graduated school and had a baby girl. as expected,we are slowing down on getting construction projects completed.the builders are busy with several houses and some storage barns.

    next goals-how long can we continue taking nomads?? it will get tighter on construction each year. even now, there are extra laborers without workplaces.
    i have a few things i want to build just to see how they look and function.

    the plan is to get caught up on houses and starting building food processors.this should increase our food supplies.we will need to send more workers to help move logs and goods to the trade posts. we also nneed more firewood. since we can not increase builders for KID houses,we will switch to RK and some others.hopefully that change will speed up construction.

    we would like tomato seeds and another orchard fruit.if we can get caught up, then we could consider cattle as well.

    i do like the shop houses, but think i will drop the christmas set.i might use parts of it now and then, but am not using enough of the parts to keep it in the mod order all the time. i also want to drop the tiny mod back to the prior version.

    pic 1: stats
    pic 2: production
    pic 3: inventory
    pic 4: graphs
    pic 5: map

    pic 6: trade district west
    pic 7: trade district east
    pic 8: north farms
    pic 9: south farms
    pic 10: livestock zone


    In my experience, if you have problems to catch up with building houses, the number of builders to build a house is not the limiting factor; is the distribution of building materials. Rather choose houses that need little, easy to get building materials than those who can use many builders. In my huge nomad town, I used RK country houses(?) not because of the number of possible builders but because they only need one building material; 48 lumber that you make from 12 or 16 logs (educated/uneducated). But maybe in your case with a real time mod (that I think you use) you should consider that these cheap houses can hold a family of 6 and the natural population growth will increase quite rapidly. If you don´t want that, Kid also have cheap houses for 4 person families.


    i agree that the time spent hauling materials slows down. which takes time away from clearing land for more projects. that does seem to be the stumbling block that will lead to trouble.


    YEAR 40

    the nomad family in the hotel will move to a plantation house near the forest chapel.from then on, i won’t worry about who moves where so sooner had the last family moved out when 9 nomads arrived.6 adults with 3 children.

    a tiny hunter and a gathering hut were added to the RK forest.there are now 3 workers at the sawmill.more shop houses were built at the trade district.2 RK country houses were completed.a jam shop makes strawberry jam and atiny butcher cuts chops from the pork.a windmill and tiny bakery will process the oats.we are 6 houses short of our goal.

    the RK houses only allow 2 builders. the CC cabins took 3.

    we traded for 2000 carrots,2000 honey, and 2000 blueberries,and 500 logs.

    pic 1:more shop houses
    pic 2: food processors
    pic 3: forest,these forests being so far out,take time to move materials to.


    YEAR 41

    we will work to attempt to catch the housing up.we need a new sawmill to cut firewood to the east.log carts will help move logs for the production and colonial woodcutters.we will try to add a tailor and blacksmith to the colonial village as well.

    with graduates and nomads,we will try to get 4 laborers working to supply each 10 builders needs 40 laborers.we have 38 minus those we send to workplaces.if the laborers get far ahead by winter,we can send more builders.

    16 nomads arrived,10 workers and 6 children.they stay at the hotel and can move into any of the many houses already being keep them fed, a fishing pier works near the grain farms and 2 more farmyards.we also needed another church. an RK wood chpel was built for the trade district.

    we used up the lumber including what was in the trading post. this slowed down construction of some RK houses.the laboirers started moving materials for other houses. we still ended with 11 houses short of our population.

    we traded for peach and apple seeds,2000 rose hips,1000 logs, 150 thatch, and 575 firewood.

    pic 1:RK sawmill
    pic 2:log carts
    pic 3:colonial tailor and blacksmith
    pic 4:fishing pier
    pic 5:RK church


    YEAR 42

    while the builders are busy building houses,the laborers cleared 2 orchards to be planted.then they moved supplies for a leather EB tannery and leatherworks will make saddles and use up the salt.

    12 nomads arrived,8 adults with 4 children.2 immediately went to help the 10 builders.they helped build the new colonial help move goods,we sent a few more trade workers and vendors out.a small dairy was built near the cowshed to make cheese.

    with 50 laborers supplying 12 builders, we are still 9 houses short. we are maintaining but not gaining ground.

    we trade for 2000 squash,750 bread,50 lumber,500 logs,200 thatch,300 firewood,and 200 copper ore.

    pic 1:orchard
    pic 2: leather chain
    pic 3:hospital
    pic 4:dairy
    pic 5:more cottages


    YEAR 43

    9 nomads arrive,7 workers with 2 children. a dryer shed will process beef. a sugar factory works nearby to process sugar beets.a meat cellar and a root cellar will give them storage.another fishing pier works near the RK pub works as a tavern for the colonial town center.the bannies turned the RK college into an Agricultural college.the students will get more hands on experience training.

    the builders have caught us up on housing.we have 46 laborers supplying 12 builders.1 house for the next set of graduates is alreaady under construction.

    we trade for 400 thatch,1000 firewood,500 logs,and 1000 eggs.

    pic 1:meat dryer
    pic 2:sugar factory
    pic 3:fish pier
    pic 4:Ag college
    pic 5:RK pub


    YEAR 44

    i wanted to get the papermill was difficult to get it to place on the stream.we shall see how this functions.we will need more logs and a stone bridge will give us more access across the main river.while they haul materials,the laborers took time to clear more stone and ores.

    17 nomads arrived in early summer,13 adults and 4 children.this will be a huge project. they are sent across the main river to buuild 2 RK forests. an old hunter hut and a gatherer and herbalist will work there as well. we had enough RK country houses and CC cabins built before winter that nobody slept outside. the hotel was quite full.

    we take 2000 eggs,2000 apples,500 raspberries,500 blueberries,260 fiddleheads,600 thatch,500 firewood,and 1000 logs.

    pic 1:papermill construction
    pic 2:forest construction
    pic 3: RK houses


    YEAR 45

    we are about 5 houses short plus the workplaces. all are under construction. 20 builders will work til we get the construction caught back up. by late spring, the builders had enough houses that the hotel was empty. just in time for more nomads.13 arrived,8 adults and 5 children.

    we need linen to supply the papermill. a PINE mod loom will be built to attempt to use the flax that grows wild on this map.a bakery to make sugar cookies and more storage were built. the forests got a RK stone church.

    we have 63 laborers supplying 20 builders. there is 1 family living in the hotel.

    we trade for 400 thatch,1500 apples,2000 potatoes,and 500 firewood.

    pic 1:paper mill
    pic 2:north RK forest
    pic 3:south RK forest
    pic 4:forest church
    pic 5:bakery


    Check the pine loom, if something hasn’t changed since I used it, it produces terribly bad. (It’s quite some time ago since I used that mod and your mod-load-order may also have an influence on the production so it might be OK).


    the paper mill won’t use the linen on this map. ran tests and it does work with adjustments to the mod order. none of the processors use KID’s flax from the flax garden to make linen. have to make adjustments for the next map.

    this map is a struggle but not NILLA pointed out,the bannies can not clear land and haul materials for builders fast enough.

    Tom Sawyer

    That’s a pity, maybe we can fix it. Do the papermakers try to get linen but fail to store it or are they not interested in the material at all? The mill uses RawMaterialLinen.rsc in the textile flag. One of those are different in your game.

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