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    YEAR 56

    we have survived farther than i expected.the nomads in the hotel have been there 2 years. 19 more arrive before summer.we need to increase the food production and build houses. i have tried several things to try getting the bannies to work faster. it takes too much time to clear land and haul materials for the next construction projects.more laborers doesn’t seem to speed it up enough. each year, we fall farther behind on housing.we have kept up enough food to avoid starvation.

    another garden sorting shed is built. these help move the veggys and sort them into foods. another bakery works to make bread.a new sawmill will help cut firewood. the more we improve the firewood output,the more thatch we save to feed livestock.2 more meadows are planned south of the orchard farms.they have a lot of trees to cut before the grass can grow. the church and school for the shore farms are completed. the hotel is empty again.

    we trade for 2000 potatoes,2000 eggs,2000 milk,840 fish,500 cranberries, 200 thatch,60 iron ore,1500 logs,and 200 firewood.

    pic 1:south city
    pic 2:lake shore church and school
    pic 3:orchard farms
    pic 4: 2 more thatch meadows being planted


    YEAR 57

    we had 2 starvation deaths. the worker walked to several barns looking for food. even thou there was food ,he would not take it. evidently,the amount of food was less than he needed. it isn’t that there isn’t food. it is that the food is not scattered in every barn. the bannies won’t walk in a straight line searching either.they waunder,choosing to travel farther to a barn than to use a market that was closer.

    27 nomads arrive. nothing is getting done. it took til fall to get a couple fields cleared. the laborers are not accomplishing any work.sometimes at idle,some looking for food,others say they are working.they have not even cleared land for construction let alone started to move materials. on top of that, snow came early. thst damaged more crops. i increased to 30 builders trying to speed things up. there are over 190 laborers.

    now we have 8 homeless bannies and a full hotel with no work being done. other than finishing projects from last winter, the bannies built 1 little wood cutter.they refuse to even cut down a few trees.

    we trade for 2000 game,2250 apples,1000 tomatoes,2000 blueberries, 200 copper ore,750 firewood,400 thatch,and 2000 sweet potatoes.

    pic 1:clearing trees
    pic 2: construction projects


    YEAR 58 END

    there was a late trade. with that, we have about 5000 food in storage. there are 8 homeless nomads plus the full hotel from last year.the bannies have gone into a full strike.they have been working slower and slower for a few years. the last 10 years,have been difficult. it seemed to take more time than it should have to clear and fence the south pastures.i tried different things to speed them up. until now they were maintaining supplies. i was surprised they caught the housing up to empty the hotel last year.

    with the supplies so low, i think it is taking more time to move them. this would slow production.even with more vendors working the markets,the bannies waunder from barn to barn instead of using the markets.all the time waundering and searching for any materials or supplies took time away from work. still ,they did catch up just before the full strike.

    4 more starvation deaths in spring.strange as it is the bannies seemed to return to work.they cleared the small patch of trees near the lakr shore and several RK houses were built. the hotel was empty by mid-summer. i sent them to build a school and church.those are full again. there isn’t any food nearby to stock the houses. this just leads to a death spiral we lost 10 bannies to starvation before harvest season.

    we took 1000 watermelons,2500 roots,and 200 firewood in trade.

    we surpassed 1000 bannies before the starvation started.there have been so many graduates the last few years, we are not able to build enough houses for them.about 40 couples never moved out from their parents’ .


    the bannies made it half way thru the 58th year before a major work strike led to a death spiral from starvation. they might be able to save the town if they stop accepting nomads. up til the strike that led to less fields being cleared, some of my attempts to help did seem to work. at times the bannies gained enough that i thought they might survive longer. am somewhat dumbfounded by the strike. right before that, i thought they’d make it into the next decade.
    the 2 meadows would have gave them more logs. then the thatch could have fed more animal pens. the fruit from the orchard farms and the meat would have helped their diets.

    couple notes here- i do think taking 5% early on would work better. increasing laborer and builder counts sooner would as well. when the bannies took time to clear land ahead of construction, they did seem to accomplish things much faster. that worked well til the south then, students graduated so fast,they could not keep up on construction and have time to clear land.

    taking 5%,would give more workers early on when there are extra supplies. using them to build small community towns that are self sustaining and clear land ahead of the next sets of nomads,would avoid the issue of waundering bannies later.if food,firewood and tools are produced nearby then the barns would stay, the city market pulled so much supplies that the trade and production district barns were empty.

    i do think it would be possable to start with an A&E or RK GENESIS map and go for 100 years or more and almost fill the map. it would take planning ahead.

    pic 1: end stats
    pic 2:production
    pic 3: inventory
    pic 4: food and population graphs
    pic 5: log and tool graph
    pic 6: trade district
    pic 7:colonial north
    pic 8: colonial south
    pic 9:west lake shore
    pic 10 east lake shore


    You have seen the “famous” death spiral.😥 Your stores have been low for quite some time. Your spread out building style “helps” here too. But it was a fun blog to follow, good luck with the next. Maybe you could try to build everything a bit closer next time, it would surely make it easier for you when the town grows.


    there is no happinesss mod in this i have no idea what started the strikes.only thing i can think of is the food being low in nearby barns forces the bannies to waunder searching for food. i found they do not use markets efficiently ,even if those are stocked.

    i was surprised a few times by the bannies being able to catch up. they did survive longer than i expected.

    i do like using the super large maps as a county and building several villages or towns. when each town produces its own food and supplies,they do work it gives the option to use different houses and building styles. i have used KID’s shop houses to build closer and more compact villages.did a couple city type maps.

    the production town here didn’t produce its own food originally. what little food it produced later wouldn’t feed then that town was growing we had to fill in the smaller towns with more houses,those areas didn’t have enough food for everyone. a few things i tried didn’t work as well as i had hoped along the way.

    i am way ahead on the next map but have hit a snag. i have to decide what to do with some issues.

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