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    i fixed it with moving the paper mill high in the mod order. i can grow flax from seed and use wild flax to make linen that the paper mill will use.


    YEAR 46

    12 nomads arrived, 9 adults and 3 children. we finished the pine loom. the linene did not work for the paper mill. the worker was stuck in a loop.we will trade this linen away and try an RK tailor.

    the Ag college added pigs and some also got a park.a 2nd KID’s sawmill will work near the RK forests to cut nore firewood. the colonial city has 2 mills grinding oats into flour. the laborers have been busy clearing more land to expand south of the grain farms.

    1 teen remained in the hotel thur the winter.

    we trade for 200 linen, 500 logs,and 500 firewood. we also gained tomato seeds.

    pic 1:pine loom
    pic 2:ag college
    pic 3:south sawmill
    pic 4: 2nd windmill
    pic 5: more housing

    Tom Sawyer

    Nice that it works this way!


    YEAR 47

    before the teen moved out of the hotel, 13 nomads arrived. there are 8 adults and 5 children. they also brought a case of yellow fever by summer. a colonial schoolhouse was built.we needed another large church. before the RK mine runs out of ores,a KID plop mine is snowfall, only 1 family was left in the hotel. the farms extended farther south and a pasture was cleared for red dairy cows.

    the inventory shows only 1 type of linen. the papermill will not work. that mod will need experimented with between maps.the RK tailor is switched to making hide coats from leather.

    we are always short on logs even with all the forests.this leads to firewood shortages and slows down construction. it really takes the bannies tiime to move materials and clear land both. we produce just a little less food than we use.

    our graduates are starting to complain as we are 13 houses short.

    we trade for 2000 roots,1500 logs,500 iron ore,50 iron, and 500 fruit jam.

    pic 1:school
    pic 2:church construction
    pic 3: ore mine
    pic 4: south farms


    So you mean in addition to several kinds of flax there are several kinds of linen not compatible with each other? I’ve only used the paper mill together with the North and the linen you make in the Nordic weaver’s hut work. But I don’t think it exists as a separate mod. I have a RKEd game running. I will add the paper mill and see if it works with the RK linen works there.


    Really Brad; I wanted to check but it didn´t work. I´ll tell you all my misery. (What I do for you, you know how I love ;) such things)

    1. Loaded the paper mill, realized it needs iron fittings. How do we get them? DS production sites can produce some.
    2. Loaded small-town production, smaller and seemed less hazardous than Jetty & Bridges or Industrial mining.
    3. Below RKEd: crash
    4. Above works
    5. Small town Blacksmiths can´t produce fittings, I thought they could but was wrong
    6. Loaded Jetty and Bridges, started to produce iron fittings. Hurra, hurra they can even be used at the building site.
    7. Realized there are several kind of glass; RK glass can´t be used to build the paper mill
    8. Not with paper mill last and not with paper mill first in the mod load order.
    9 Built a DS glassmaker, thought it might produce the right kind of glass
    10. but it didn´t
    11. Gave this experiment up. I hate when things don´t work!!!!

    I will now play a nice Nordic game with no (or few) additional mods. Maybe Ironman. I rather struggle with starvation than with mod orders.


    haha, i didn’t tell you to do it.i do hope you used a debug mod for that. the mod manager would speed it up too. that is a few hours of work.

    TOM made a version that doesn’t need the iron fittings. must be that fixed the glass too.
    did you read my last couple posts? i told TOM i tested it higher in mod order and got the mill to work. i moved it to the top to avoid issues with any mod including the pine.haven’t tried moving it lower.

    i love you too but you didn’t need to do all that.i already did it. enough to get the mill to work. the new mod order does need more testing. i have no idea if it screws up any other chains.


    I know you didn’t ask me to do it, I was simply curious to see the different kind of linen, but saw different kind of glass instead, so I should be pleased, anyway. 😉

    And I used no debug and no modman. I used an existing game with plenty of people and plenty of resources with 3 mods before that experiment. So every step didn’t take very long.

    But of course, I should have checked if there was another version of the papermill, would have helped things up. Anyway, it’s too late now. I’ve changed my mods and have no intentions to go back to that game. But it isn’t an Ironman. You know, I wanted to test Jetty and Bridges with the latest version of the North.


    there are many items that are different for a variety of reasons.makes it fun or challenging to set mod orders. in your case, i believe TOM uses the flags differently.sometimes mod order can override and fix the changes but not always. that is part of the give and take rule.

    they can be different even from the same modder.KID has several mods that use honey. he changed something in the coding,by accident or on purpose i don’t even know.the jam house from the gothic farm addon won’t use the other honey. with that mod above any other honey mods,all seem to work fine.

    sugar can be different.some mods label maple sap as in-edible. it won’t work from 1 mod to another. in most cases,whatever mod needs the item should be able to produce it.this does not always work thou.

    you can’t always tell what the item is from the trade might be the 1 for your processors ,or it might be the 1 they won’t use.

    the modders have tried to work together and improve things.


    YEAR 48

    i need to figure out the situation and what the goal is. we still have lots of land and we are building enough houses to empty the hotel each year. if we expand trading to bring in more logs and food, we should be able to keep up on supplies. we can increase production. it will take about 2 years to get housing caught up. if we get housing caught up, then we will add another hotel or boarding house to see what happens to the number of nomads.

    we’ll need to adjust the trading goods and send more workers top move goods to the trade district. then add a food trade post and another building supply trade post.the colonial city will build houses for laborers.this will conserve logs and use the lumber that is already cut. the production area will add a foundry for iron,a 2nd clay pit, and brick maker. we’ll double the saddle output as well.

    17 nomads arrived. 11 adults and 6 children. even with the push andmore help,we have not gained on the housing.the hotel was emptied, and we are still 13 houses short.

    we trade for 2000 rose hips, 2000 logs, 8 roof tiles,1000 potatoes,and 1000 carrots,200 copper ore,and 450 firewood.
    we also took in 4 black and white dairy cows.

    pic 1:food trade post
    pic 2: 2nd building trade post
    pic 3: dairy herd
    pic 4: RK houses


    YEAR 49

    the RK foundry to process iron is built. the other will continue processing copper.before nomads arrived,we had more houses built and materials were being moved for others. we were 10 houses short.16 more nomads arrived,11 workers with 5 children.about half of them were sent to help move goods to the trading posts and markets.

    the workers were busy clearing and hauling logs for the dairy pasture. this took time away from clearing more land and doing any clean up of regrowth. we also had to dig the RK mine deeper.

    we are 12 houses short and have used up our lumber.

    we trade for 2000 blueberry, 100 corn, 1200 firewood,1000 logs,250 iron ore,1500 fish,1000 sugar beets,and 500 potatoes.
    we had 1 lady die during child birth.

    pic 1:2nd RK foundry
    pic 2:2nd leather chain
    pic 3:new pasture that is taking too long to clear



    population 695, about half as workers. in 159 houses. we doubled the population and housing in the last decade. we need 12 more houses for all our couples.we have used up some of our food stocks. we have increased production and trading to bring in more food and logs.

    we bake bread and make sugar cookies. we process pork chops,sausages and dry beef.there is cheese and fruit jams. the colonial city has a hospital.several more churches have been built. the RK school has been upgraded to a farm college. 2 more RK forests were planted and a copper ore mine dug. we took time to build a papermill, but could not get it to work with our flax linen. we do make saddles from the leather.

    we added black and white dairy cows,tomatoe,peach, and apple seeds.

    the great-grandchild has started school. she will graduate in about 6 years. if we double the size of the nomad groups by then,we will not be able to keep up on building houses.we are able to build just enough houses to move all the nomads out of the hotel in time for winter. our builders work thru the cold trying to build houses for graduates. we are falling behind on food production as well.

    goals- i doubt we can get caught up. we will need to stretch the farm fields around the lake to the south. we should add another forest or 2 to the east. there are lots of rocks to be collected. the south part of the colonial city has lots of space to be filled in.the biggest problem we have is the laborers need time to clear land.i think by the time the farms are built along the south lake, the nomad groups will be too large for the builders to keep up.

    pic 1:stats from the map start point
    pic 2: production
    pic 3: inventory
    pic 4:graphs

    pic 5: trade district
    pic 6:north production
    pic 7: south production
    pic 8: colonial city
    pic 9 and 10: colonial farms
    pic 11:livestock area
    pic 12:TP stocks


    YEAR 50

    the mine needs candles to dig it deeper.we will have to trade for those.a 2nd RK random mine will be dug.20 nomads arrived,11 adults and 9 children. to move goods for the trade posts, 2 RK carts were sent, a misc amd a material cart. enough lumber was cut to catch up on RK houses. the laborers seem to be slower at clearing land. this in turn slows down our food production.

    we trade for 600 veggy’s,2000 carrots,1000 squash,1000 eggs,1000 tomatoes,300 iron ore,500 logs,400 thatch,200 copper ore, and 650 firewood.

    pic 1:new mine
    pic 2:RK carts
    pic 3:RK houses
    pic 4: dairy pasture,this took way too long to clear.


    YEAR 51

    while land is cleared for more fields,an RK forest,gatherer ,and herbalist is built. a nordic market is planned for the southern colonial city.more processors ,a suana,and an RK dairy are also planned.

    25 nomads arrive,19 workers with 6 children. as they help clear land,more farmyards and fields are plowed.this group fills our churches. a parish church is planned for the livestock zone.

    we have 3 homeless and a full now we are way behind on construction and food production.clearing land and hauling materials is taking too much time.

    we trade for 720 firewood,400 thatch,200 copper ore,200 iron ore,2000 milk,2000 fish,1000 blueberries,2000 roots,and 200 lumber.

    pic 1:nordic markets
    pic 2: south farms


    YEAR 52

    if we can not get fields planted by summer,we are going to be short on food. we will make serious adjustments to help the trading.the laborers have materials to haul. no more construction projects can be started. any extra time will be used to gather food or plow fields. we have traded heavily so that we used up much of our goods. we have also used up enough food to slow down some of our processors.

    mid-summwer, 16 nomads arrived. the hotel is still full.this group can stay ,but will need to gather all the food they can find. the builders will finish projects and they too will help gather food thru fall. by snowfall,we do have food production over 10,000 more than used.during the winter,the bannies start to build houses for the homeless nomads and those living in the hotel.

    we produced about 7500 food more than we used. there are 7 homless nomads and a full hotel. laborers are moving materials for new houses. there are 122 laboers and 20 builders. we survived but are now 30 houses behind.

    we trade for 2000 milk,2000 sweat potatoes,700 apples,2000 beans,2000 eggs,200 logs, 400 firewood,200 iron ore,200 copper ore,40 salt,200 thatch,and 400 honey.

    pic 1: farms on the city edge
    pic 2: forest
    pic 3:RK creamery
    pic 4: lake shore
    pic 5: CC parish


    If you’re short on trading goods, why not try to sell meat? The farmyard with pigs, don’t remember the number, looks adorable and produces an awful lot of pork worth 3. Locate them as close to the ports as you can and you will be able to buy a lot of cheaper food. I usually order fish or nuts. Always a good business.


    i normally don’t trade away goods that the bannies use. food is 1 of those. if the town is struggling to have enough food,would it really trade it away? same applies to tools,logs,and firewood. that is my general ruling,as i have done maps that were set to trade logs or other items specifically.

    that dairy pasture took too long to clear and fence. not sure why it did that.from here on clearing land does seem to be taking way longer. if these bannies would clear faster,which there is lots of helpers for, then they could plant more fields.


    YEAR 53

    we have to clear more land. we need fields. the builers are busy with houses. a CC parish is planned for the south farmers. it took til fall to get enough houses built for everyone in the hotel. more farmyards and fields line the RK houses at the edge of the forests to the east.a CC apple orchard is being planted south of the mine mountain.slowly, we do feel we are gaining ground. with no nomads arriving this,year we caught housing up. so we are 20 short.

    we have spammed churches all over, but the RK college helped avoid doing that with schools.

    finally, a merchant brought candles to dig the RK mine deeper.we take 800 thatch,600 firewood,750 logs, 1000 game, 2000 chantellas,2000 tomatoes, 2000 raspberries, 700 veggy’s340 blueberries,700 rose hips,and 500 salt.

    pic 1:city edge farms
    pic 2:mine
    pic 3: lake shore
    pic 4: CC orchard forest


    YEAR 54

    21 nomads arrived as we were busy building more storage barns. a blacksmith and tailor are built near the RK creamery. another forest is planted along the east map edge. to help speed up movement of supplies, the road was extended from the production area to the south shore line farms.this took some time to get the bannies to clear land.

    we have homeless bannies as snow falls. construction is way behind.

    we trade for 2000 raspberries, 600 squash,2000 honey, 500 firewood,1000 logs, 400 thatch,

    pic 1:more barns
    pic 2: tailor
    pic 3: clearing for lake shore road


    YEAR 55

    we have 10 homeless bannies come spring.the hotel is still full as well. we struggle to produce enough projects can be started. the bannies need time to catch up.18 nomads arrived just before summer. we still have 8 homeless. 134 laborers are moving supplies for 20 builders.

    the bannies have recovered before.nobody has starved yet.the nomads were accepted. no more clearing is started. i left them to finish off clearing 2 fields and supplying materials.the nomads brought an outbreak of diptheria with them.that was cleared up without and loss of was fall before the bannies had finished the construction projects from the year before. we still had 5 homeless.

    all our churches,and schools are full. we send the laborers to move materials for 5 more houses.a church,a school, and a fishing pier are planned south of the lake. we end the year needing 40 houses.

    we take 2500 milk,500 squash,500 cranberries,500 firewood,500 logs,and 200 thatch in trade.

    pic 1:new forest
    pic 2:orchard farms
    pic 3:tool smith
    pic 4: RK houses

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