Banished Ventures

How To Place A Quarry

October 5, 2017

Placing a quarry can be tricky in the North if you don’t know about the required terrain and what the guy behind this mod had in mind. In this post you can see how to place a quarry without being frustrated.

First a thought about the reason of this requirement. With including clay pits we got a new resource in the Nordic landscape which can be mined from the ground on flat land as well. So you could have clay or stone with another texture and use at the same place and this is not really logical. To keep the landscape consistent it is differed in rocky locations where stone can be mined and lowland where clay is in the ground. The game mechanic is to require at least a small spot of rocks to place a quarry. This is represented by three red game tiles which will be green above mountain terrain, not to be confused with the small rocks which can be removed by collecting stones. So if you are planning a quarry for stone production you have to look for a suitable location like in the picture below.

You might think it is not worth to build such a quarry but keep in mind that a quarry in the North gives 4 times more stone than in Vanilla Banished. And if you use as much as mountain terrain as possible for stone mining you have more valuable flat land for buildings, farming or forestry. ;)

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