Banished Ventures

Trading Dock In Progress

October 31, 2017

Over the past few days, I’ve made several changes to production chains and trade values and found that I need a new trading post to implement my ideas. As you know, the North has a kind of timeline, let’s say from Middle Ages or even Viking Age up to any early industrial age with brick buildings and so on.

Trading in version 5 was characterized by the use of money for import and export. But that’s not realistic in the Old Norse, when barter was prevalent and silver counted by its weight the common medium of exchange. In order to have both systems in game, I need at least two trading post objects for technical reasons. One for barter trading in old days and for now the vanilla post for the existing trade system.

It should be something small and simple. A pure landing stage for merchant ships without any crane or technical stuff. Only a storehouse is necessary because of the game mechanic. Something like the Vikings had. As in this picture here. That’s what I want to build as the last new object for version 6. I apologize if I said this already to another item. ;D

Today I made a sketch for the new Nordic trading dock. You can see my concept with grey marked tiles for roads and green for walk-ways into the storehouse and along the pier.  The dock can be reached from a road to the right of the storage location. So you can build a nice road axis from your town straight to the landing pier with buildings left and right. For this purpose I also made a wooden boardwalk which I find surprising nice to play with, although I’m not a deco-fanatic.^^ My idea of this dock is to be able to build more of them in a row and connected by the road or boardwalk across the landing pier.

The new trading dock is now textured and working in game with up to 6 traders and a storage capacity of 6000. It’s built from wood and clay which will be a more important tier1 material in the next version. Also you can see the boardwalk built over dirt roads.

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