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Birch Bark

Banished Birch Bark

Birch bark is a versatile and important material in the North. Waterproof and mold-resistant, it is perfect for roofings. Birch bark is a new resource we are trying to include in the Norcic main mod. It will be gathered in summer season by woodcutters and required as building material by all houses with a sod roof. Secondary use will be as a food supply in bad years or harsh climate baking bread with bark that partly replaces grain flour. A surplus of birch bark will be also an interesting trade good, as it was in history for a long time.

Classified as: Material
Produced by: Woodcutter Cabin or Collecting Bark
Create: 3 – 4 bark per run
Used as: building material and food supply
Trade value: 6 – 8
Used storage: 4

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Last edited on 26 September 2020

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