Banished Ventures


BloomeryThe bloomery is a primitive furnace to process iron ore in the old way. This is time consuming and needs a lot of charcoal. The result is a spongy material called a bloom which has to be forged to wrought iron by a blacksmith.

Size: 3 x 3
Building costs: 1 Log and 1 Clay
Buildings time: 2
Worker: 1 blacksmith
Product: Iron Bloom from Iron Ore and Charcoal

Related objects: Smith’s Workplace, Charcoal Pit

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I don’t understand why my bloomery isn’t working properly making iron bloom. I get the message “the materials required to perform work are not available”. But I have 5 iron ore stocked in the bloomery, and 25 in stock piles near the bloomery. I have 72 charcoal stocked next to it also. It was working properly for 34 years and isn’t working for a year now…
Can someone help me, please?


    I found the problem. My charcoal stock was build somewhere where the people couldn’t access to…

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