Banished Ventures


CampfireThe campfire is a simple but versatile workplace. Here your hunters can process their kills, which means to roast venison, to craft simple clothing from hides and to render animal fat into tallow. For the latter they also need pottery. Besided this, a campfire is also a place to rest. Idling people will stay there instead of walking further away. This works only while the fire is burning.

The effect of roasting meat is increasing its availability by about 20%. For more efficient food processing consider building a smokehouse. The campfire is not sufficient to protect your people from the cold and doesn’t replace a house.

Size: 3 x 3
Building costs: 1x Stones and 1x Firewood
Building time: 1
Worker: 1 Hunter
Used to process Venison, Deer Hides and Fat
Products: Roasted Meat, Hide Capes, Tallow

Related buildings: Hunting Cabin, Smokehouse

Tip: Assign a hunter to a campfire roasting venison to let him go hunting whenever you place a hunting spot. They are pulled automatically from there and will return to the fire if the hunting spot is removed.

Last edited on 30 April 2020

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