Banished Ventures

Clay Pits

claypitClay pit are open areas to mine clay from the ground. When a pit is empty and big enough, it can be flooded and used as fishing waters.

Size: 8 x 8 or 12 x 10
Building costs: 1 Log
Building time: 1
Workers: up to 6 miners
Maximum production: about 3,000 Clay

Related uses: Quarry, Brickyard

Last edited on 25 December 2019



I had an issue placing the Large Clay Pit, I placed it but the next time I looked it was built but stopped. I can’t select it, nothing exists in that area now, but nothing can be placed there either.

I also had a problem reclaiming a Small Clay Pit into a Fishing Pond, it gave me the option to convert, now the graphic shows water in it, but the same thing I can’t click on it.

Love the mod, great job.

     Tom Sawyer

    With your large pit something must have gone wrong. It is meant to be placed and built, then worked by miners until exhausted and turned into fishing waters. Same with the small one but its puddle can’t be used for fishing.


Hi Tom!

I was wondering how can I reuse or flatten the clay pit. I tried several flat/raise terrain mods but it just wouldn’t work. I was about to place a nice set of roads for division of the areas but the clay pit wouldn’t budge.

Is there any compatible raise/flatten tool or mod for this? Thanks!

     Tom Sawyer

    Hi! The clay pits can not be removed or flattened, only filled with water. Maybe to add the “fill up function” of the clay digging spot also to the small pit. Flatten tools don’t work here. It is made this way because the same area could be used to mine the clay deposit clay again and again.

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