Banished Ventures


Temperatures have a big impact on the development of your town, especially on agriculture. There are three climates in the North to choose as starting conditions for different levels of difficulty.

Mild Nordic climate represents regions around 55th to 60th parallel north. In Europe it is southern Scandinavia and northern Germany. The average temperature in game is in summer 20 °C and in winter -12 °C. Growing most crops and also fruit trees is productive in this climate.

Fair Nordic climate represents regions around 60th to 65th parallel north. The average temperature is in summer 16 °C and in winter -16 °C. Agriculture is several limited in this climate but possible with suitable crops and game experience.

Harsh Nordic climate represents regions beyond 65° latitude. In Europe, there are large and sparsely populated areas in northern Scandinavia. The average temperature is in summer around 12 °C and below -20 °C in winter. Be warned of harsh winters. Summers are very short and agriculture is really difficult. You can try growing certain Nordic crops or better finding alternative strategies to survive. If you want the full challenge of the North, take this climate.

Last edited on 10 August 2018

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