Banished Ventures

Gatherer Shelter

gatherer shelterGatherer shelters are used as a starting point for collecting food and fuel in the surrounding forest. In summer your gatherers go for berries, mushrooms, roots and wild honey while in winter they will focus on firewood for heating homes. They can also store their yield in the shelter.

Size: 3 x 4
Building costs: 16 Logs, 6 Stones
Building time: 28
Workers: 1 – 3 gatherers
Resources: Blueberries, Mushrooms, Roots, Honey and Firewood
Storage capacity: 1,000 for food
Radius: 24 tiles for gathering
Risk on fire: None but can easily catch fire from near houses

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Does the occurrence of wild honey depend on the tree type and age?

Edit: Nevermind, I found the answer here:


How does this compare to using the Actions/Harvest Wild Food? Is the only difference that you have to manage the Action, but if you set this up it’s fire and forget? I assume Harvest is more effective (because the collectors don’t have to wander around looking for food, I can target them) but requires intervention.
I have Harvested 0 honey, although I don’t have an Apiary nor Shelter, solely manually harvesting.

     Tom Sawyer

    Wild honey is only harvested by gatherers from this shelter. With the manual action, laborers collect berries, mushrooms and roots. This micromanaged gathering can be more efficient, especially if you use it in summer when the woods are full of blueberries, but it is more effort.

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