Banished Ventures

Glass Panes

Glass is an important building material of most houses from the mid and late stage of your settlement. Homes with glass panes have a better fuel efficienty than more primitive constructions. Glass can be imported from further developed regions and later also prodused by themselves.

Classified as: Glass
Produced by: Glass Factory
Output: 3 – 4 from 2 Sand, 2 Charcoal and 1 Potash
Used as: Advanced building material
Trade value: 33 – 44
Required storage: 5

Related materials: Glassware

Last edited on 17 March 2020



I don’t mind trading but I find it takes a very long time for a trader to bring glass. I’ve only ever had it happen once, and that was with the old version of The North. Otherwise I end up giving up on my games because they can never get a lot of the buildings they need. This was much worse in the previous version because pretty much EVERYTHING required glass. It’s better now but still annoying (and yet I keep trying because I’m so in love with The North otherwise!). Is there some trick to attracting glass-bearing merchants?


    Mmhmm, just use the order function when a merchant arrives to request that they bring glass next time.

    Tom Sawyer Tom Sawyer

    Ordering is a good advice if you want to rush for glass. Also, building a big trading dock will help to attract more merchants from far away with glass in their range. Or just more docks for more merchants at all. In general, glass is now a midgame resource and you can build a whole settlement in “Viking Age” without it.


I’m confused. I have a sandpit, but I can’t find anywhere to produce glass except the noted glass factory… which requires glass panes? I’m assuming I’ll need a trading post, which is disappointing because that’s the part of the game I dislike and actively avoid. Is there a reason it’s like this?

    Tom Sawyer Tom Sawyer

    Yes, you need to trade for some advanced materials and to get access to their production. That’s the idea, to create a kind of tech-tree with different stages from Viking era to a pre-industrial stage. Trading is a bit different in this mod, maybe you like better now.

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