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Log Cabin

Log CabinLog cabins are solid wooden houses for families with up to 3 children and suitable for cold climate. With glass windows and proper chimney, they are a warm and nice place to live. Better conditions provide only the even more comfortable Red Cottages.

Next to log cabins you can add extensions with a workplace for farmers. There people can do various jobs like processing food or making clothes, especially in winter when the fields are covered by snow.

Size: 5 x 4
Building costs: 60 Logs, 16 Stones, 2 Fittings, 2 Panes, 1 Pottery
Building time: 80
Capacity: A family of 5 people
Energy efficiency: 90%
Vulnerability on fire: High
Happiness: neutral
Upgrade to: Red Cottage

Productivity in workshop: Low (50 work units per stack of product)

Related houses: Log Shed, Storehouse

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if vanilla wooden house uses 30 fuel per year, and vanila stone house uses only 20 fuel per year, how much fuel does log cabin, izba, and red cottage uses per year? to put it into comparison, im not sure what to agresively prioritize buildind in my vanilla/north hybrid game:D

     Tom Sawyer

    The vanilla wood house has an efficiency of 60% and the stone house 90%. How much fuel a house needs depends on temperature or actually the time in a year below 50F/10°C, and this efficiency of course. So log cabins perform like a vanilla stone house and red cottages a bit better.


    cooool, thanks for puting things into perspective for me:)


Iron, Glass in North 7?

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