Banished Ventures


Banished PasturePaddocks are fenced areas to breed livestock such as Sheep and Cattle. Also Reindeer can be pastured if domesticated animals were bought. You can use paddock fences or stone walls around for a matching surrounding.

Size: 6 x 6 up to 25 x 25
Building costs: none
Building time: 1 per fence tile
Workers: 1 stockbreeder

Related objects: Chicken Coop, Sheep Run

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Thanks for the reply and with my latest game 2 stockbreeders were not needed for 1 paddock indeed, but in the previous game I build a max size paddock slightly too far away from a home and storehouse and the worker just had to run so far it took very long just to collect the milk and a second stockbreeder in this case would’ve probably solved the problem. That being said the problem was bad planning, but in my opinion the option to have 2 would still be nice just in case situations like these occur for some reason.

     Tom Sawyer

    Interesting, then I change it back to max 2 in the version I’m working on now and then.


Hello, I have a question about this.
Ingame I can only find a paddock instead of a pasture which can also be 25×25 which at this size can only hold 20 cows while in the vanilla game a 20×20 holds 20 cows, do they work differently? Also it says here 1-2 herdsman,but I do not see an option for more than 1 worker. Did I miss something?

thanks in advance, Arjen


    After a little bit of testing I’m guessing the vanilla game can hold 1 cow for every 20 squares of pasture and the north paddock only 1 cow for every 30 squares so I guess that’s figured out already. I still wonder how I can get 2 villagers to work in one single pasture as it currently seems my best bet is to have two 12×25 paddocks instead of one 25×25 since a 24×25 should also host 20 cows.

     Tom Sawyer

    The page was not up to date with the latest mod version, now it’s correct.

    And you are right about 30 tiles required by a cow. A second stockbreeder can’t be added anymore because it did not make it more productive anyway

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