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Banished Peat

Peat is a new resource introduced with North 7.1. It can be gathered in bog areas and is used as an alternative fuel to heat houses. Banished people pick this fuel with a preference from piles, not because it is so nice to heat with peat but to save firewood for charcoal burning, tar production or sacrad fires. Peat cutting is a laborious work but worth the effort if wood is rare in your area. After the peat deposit has been exhausted, the land can be used for building or farming.

Categorized as: Fuel
Produced by: Peat Cutting
Create: 12 from a bog tile
Used for: Heating houses
Trade value: 2 – 3
Used storage: 6

Related materials: Firewood, Coal

Last edited on 15 July 2020



The peat cuttings need to be placed individually, but you can remove them in bulk them using the Remove Structures tool.

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