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Plum TreeThe plum is a rather demanding fruit tree similar to cherry. They can be cultivated in mild regions of the North and even bring a better maximum yield than cherries but are slightly more cold sensitive.

Classified as: Food | Fruits
Produced by: Orchard
Ripeness of fruit: about 2.5 month at 10 – 40 °C
Trees freeze to death at about -23 °C
Time to grow: about 3 years
Maximum age: about 15 years
Yield: 36 – 48
Used storage: 2
Processed into: Schnapps
Trade value: 3 – 5
Price for seed: 1400

Last edited on 21 December 2019



The description mentions a better maximum yield than cherries but the yield numbers in the wiki (and anecdotally from playing) are the same for cherries and plums.

From a gameplay perspective it would be interesting if plums did indeed have a slightly higher max yield compared to cherries since unlike cherries they can’t be made into jam and the trees are slightly more vulnerable to cold.

     Tom Sawyer

    That was the idea but got lost with another update where I changed used storage values and had to fix yields below 50 I guess. It needs an adjustment with a slightly lowered yield for cherries. In current version, cherries have the same temperature range but a shorter riping time as plums. That makes plums rather useless. Thanks for the find.

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