Banished Ventures

Small Trading Dock

Small Trading docks consist of a wooden pier and a simple storehouse. They attract merchant ships for barter trading, mainly from other settlements in the same region. For more merchants from far away and for higher storage capacity, consider building a big trading dock.

Size: 5 x 12 tiles
Building materials: 54 Logs, 16 Stones, 12 Clay, 3 Tar, 6 Barrows
Building time: 97 works units
Workers: up to 6 traders
Capacity: 9,000
Risk on fire: High (passive)
Happiness: “Goods” within 30 tiles if traders are working

Trade Routes:
4 Local Merchants
2 Sami Traders
1 Merchant from England
1 Frankish Merchant
1 Merchant from volga route
1 Hanseatic Merchant

Related Buildings: Big Trading Dock

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