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Trappers Cabin

Trapper CabinThe trapper’s cabin defines a large area to hunt fur animals. It needs traps to start working which have to be forged in a smithy or bought from merchants. Furs are one of the most profitable trade goods in the North. Learn more about Trapping in Banished.

Size: 4 x 4
Building materials: 26 Logs, 4 Stones, 12 Traps
Building time: 30
Resources: Furs
Workers: 1 – 2 trappers
Storage capacity: 500 furs
Risk on fire: High

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No, there´s no meat from the trapper. I´ve noticed, too that it´s in the food icon. Tom had some reason, I don´t remember.

I don´t think rabbits are domestic a bit further north, in Denmark, south Sweden, on the big islands in the east of Sweden, yes but in my neighbourhood we have hares. Two types, those “real Scandinavians” that change colour in winter and immigrated that stay grey all year. Both good to eat. My dad used to shoot one for Christmas every year.


I was looking for the trapper’s cabin and found it under the food icon. I didn’t build it yet so I don’t know if this mean that the people will eat the marten meat as well as gather the fur. So, do they eat marten meat?

Also, are there no rabbits in Scandinavia to hunt for meat and fur?

    Tom Sawyer Tom Sawyer

    It’s now next to the hunting cabin since people often had problems with it searching in this toolbar. Which is now called “Farming, Hunting and Food Processing”.

    And trappers only take furs because bannies are blind for bunnies, approved on this site. =)

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