Banished Ventures


Banished Turf-StorehouseThese simple storage buildings are usually built around turf houses in regions where wood is a rare material. They provide general storage for food and goods with low building costs but with a poor area efficiency. Whenever you can effort the additional wood, it’s better to build a proper Storehouse or even a high Stabbur.

Size: 3 x 3 tiles
Building materials:     6 Logs, 6 Stones, 12 Turf
Building time: 24
Capacity: 1,200
Risk on fire: High (passiv)
Upgrade to: Storehouse

Related houses: Turf House

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     Tom Sawyer

    I tried here how it looks as explanation of the imaginary turf resource. Maybe to make it italic or in brackets. Or to remove it if more confusing than explaining.

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