Banished Ventures


WarehouseThe warehouse is a specialized market to provide raw materials and fuels for manufacturing. It can be used as a simple storage location or managed by vendors. Use the work button to change this.

Size: 6 x 7
Building costs: 82 Logs, 12 Stones, 11 Tar, 12 Panes, 10 Barrows
Building time: 120
worker: 0 – 10 vendors
Capacity: 15,000
Stored goods: Logs, firewood, charcoal, ore, metals, textiles etc.
Risk on fire: Low (passive)

Last edited on 7 February 2021



Is the yellow circle around this building happiness or just it’s range for goods? Thanks!

    Tom Sawyer Tom Sawyer

    It doesn’t provide happiness. The radius is probably kind of pointless since workers are not forced to pick up raw materials in a market as far as I know. The circle can be removed in a next update I think.

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