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Update: North 6

December 9, 2017

Version 6 of the North mod is finished. In this post you find a conclusion of new buildings, resources and gameplay changes. If you like to figure out all the new content by playing, you can just download it here. This version is not save compatible. So you have to delete or disable the old version and to start a new map.

Resource Categories and Building Materials

First of all, this version uses Banished 1.0.7 features which are new custom flags and the opportunity to define more than 3 building materials. Two actually small changes but unlocking very nice opportunities. Great thanks to the developer for this upgrade! The new resource flagging of the North mod allows to control all kinds of building materials by their own production limit and to follow their stocks in overview or townhall statistics. All building requirements are reworked following a tile based rule and glass is added to all constructions which obviously have window panes. Glass is made by a new glassworks from sand, mined from river beds. Other new requirements are utensils necessary for professions such as traps for the trappers cabin and barrows for markets and trading docks. These items have to be crafted.


New Workplaces

Blacksmiths, Foresters, Hunters, Gatherers and Herbalists got new workplaces in Nordic style and the new Oven House finally allows to bake bread. Log cabins can now be expanded by more versatile workplaces as it was in the old version. Here farmers can now grind grain, brew ale and mead, preserve fruits or make clothes in long winters when the fields are covered by snow. Also a bee yard is added to produce honey.

More Food Processing

Ale and Mead are now the main beverages of the North and classified as foodstuff. With this change it makes really sense to produce alcohol and it’s also realistic because brewing was an old way of preservation and contains a lot of calories. Schnaps made from rye or potatoes is still no food and for trading or drinking only. Barkeepers can serve it in the tavern to let people come to a drinking bout. They also can provide dishes like roasted beef, lamb or venison together with ale. It has an effect on food supply and makes the tavern to a useful facility of your town.

Meat can now also be salted or smoked like fish and certain fruits can be preserved using sugar. As a new dairy product from the North Skyr is added, made from raw milk while cheese now needs salt for even more efficient preservation.

Farming reworked

Climate becomes slightly warmer in this version by about 2.5 degree. Must be the climate change or so but who knows. The more important fact is that this warm period makes farming more interesting. Just like the adjusted properties of crops. For example, beans are vegetables and now also provide protein but have a slightly smaller yield than other veges like cabbage. Turnips and onions are easy to grow and don’t need any education while other crops should be grown by educated farmers. Apples and pears bring a higher yield but cherries and plums can be preserved using sugar for even better results. Crops from the New World are removed from the core mod to make a medieval or even Viking scenario more realistic.

Trading System

A new trading dock is included and can be combined to build up your own dock area. The new resource flags make it possible to control imports much better. So merchants will bring only typical trade goods from the North or from southern regions far away. You will get preserved foodstuff or living animals instead of fresh beef or chicken. Seeds and livestock are now common goods and don‘t need waiting for specialized merchants anymore. Gold and silver are used as medium of exchange in historical ratios of trade values. Coins are still used as well but more later if you build a big trading post.

Recultivation of Pits and Quarries

Now clay pits and quarries can be flooded and used as fishing waters when mining is over. I was fiddling a lot to include it in a realistic way with a nice look and feel but technically it was only possible after Bartender found the possibility to use the in game water material for new objects together with a fix of the ‘pink water issue’ found by Discrepancy. So this feature is dedicated to these modders! ;)


Most of simple works like mining, hunting and gathering (except of herbs) don‘t need education anymore. Also herding and growing simple crops. So education is almost unimportant in „old times“ where people usually did not go to school. On the other hand education is now something to achieve. Your people always start uneducated on a new map and have to build a school to improve the productivity of crafting professions.

Adapted Mods

A couple of new mods are adapted to work in the North scenario. These are Despo20 Medieval Houses, EB Saltworks, EB Herbalist, EB Leatherworks and Kids More Houses as well as a couple of DS mods. All mods from the old recommended list like Mini Buildings, Forest Outpost and so on are still working with this version.

Have fun with this mod and let me know your ideas and suggestions or bugs if you find something.

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Hi Tom,

I recently got back in PC gaming after 20 years of “taking a break”. I used to love playing games like original SimCity, first Civilization, Dune, first C&C and such. During those teen years I really had a passion for the games I played.

Now being a almost 40 years old family guy and started to look that passion again for the games. I tried multiple top rated strategy games, but didn’t found that childish passion I had 20 years ago. Vanilla Banished is a good game, but I still found myself thinking that it’s quite not the same what the gaming was in the early 90s for me. Then I found The North…

The North immediately gave me different vibes than vanilla Banished. I started the game with totally different mindset. I’m also into history and I found myself building my village as it would be a small village from the 1850s Finland. For me basic survival game translated into survival + city building sim. And the most important thing, this mod gave back my childish passion for gaming which I lost during this 20 years hiatus.

Long story short. The North is awesome mod and makes the Banished the game as it should be. Keep doing the great work, making new buildings, decorations, production lines etc. I’ll also drop you a small donation as a appreciation for the great work you’ve done.

     Tom Sawyer

    Hi Kyde, Thank you very much for your nice comment and for your support. I really appreciate that. Being myself such a 40 years old guy, exactly these games like Civ1, Dune and so on were what we played in schooldays. I know well what you mean. :)


Having decorative roads sounds great! I would definitely use them just to make my town look good, even if there was no speed boost. I am all for decorative objects!

I have a question about fruit trees. Is there any benefit to planting a single tree versus planting an orchard? I am curious about this because the single tree requires a worker; will that worker be less productive because he has only 1 tree to work? I’m assuming he will still help out with other laborer jobs in his off time.

     Tom Sawyer

    Solitary trees give same yield as trees in orchards. They need a worker only in harvest season and to plant or cut the tree. To have a full time worker is not useful. To harvest them manually by enable/disable the worker every year needs micromanaging and is fun in a small farmstead more than later in game where they are probably for decoration only in most cases. :)


I am a big fan of your mods in general. I especially love The North. I prefer it to any other “expansion” mod I’ve tried. I love how interactive it is.
I’m currently using The North 6 for 1.0.7 and I noticed a change in the mining options, in that it appears to no longer be possible to mine gold. I know that I can search the river banks for gold, but is there any other way to get it besides that and trade? Does the river deposit new gold on the river banks, or is the gold that appears at the start of the game the only gold that will ever be on the map?
I also have a question about food: Is it necessary to preserve their food so it doesn’t expire, or are the food preservation options just there for my enjoyment?
Once again, GREAT MOD!!

     Tom Sawyer

    Hi lillypaddog,

    Thank you for your feedback! Gold was removed from the mine with new trade values. It would have been an “all you need is gold mining” issue. It will probably come back with including gold ore for balancing it down. The gold nuggets at river banks do not respawn.

    Preserving food improves your food production a lot but in a more abstract way. We don’t have perishableness in game. So preserving makes it just increasing the amount of available food in assumption of keeping more of it available in the long run. For example: Salting as efficient way of preserving fish makes up to + 100% available. Smoking only + 33% but without expensiv salt imports.


    Thank you for responding to my inquiry about the food and gold so quickly!

    I have a request for improving the roads. I was hoping that in a future update you could make the roads look a bit more different from each other; such as darkening the color of the stone road while leaving the dirt road alone. I like to use the dirt roads as “sidewalks” and the stone roads as the “main road” but the two road types look so similar in color that I can barely tell the difference between the two when placed next to each other.

    I have one other comment that may or may not be related to the mod. For some reason, my game will occasionally go into super-speed, as in faster than the 10X speed available in the game. I am pretty sure its not my computer because if I try vanilla Banished, this does not happen. I also use Mini Buildings, Terrain Tools, Granny Park, Norsemen and the “New World Crops” mod. Occasionally I play around with Debug, but not often.

     Tom Sawyer

    I can add another variant of stone roads just for decoration. Maybe a cobblestone road. You also can try one of these decorative mods with additional road types.

    A higher speed than 10x I have never seen in a normal game. It’s only available if running test games directly in modkit. I don’t know what it is in your game.


Hey! I have to say that as a swede, this is my favorite thing ever. A small and pretty simple suggestion would be to change the look of the log fence to a more scandinavian one. Google Gärsgård to get insperation, they are very common all over sweden and was used heavily in rural areas.

     Tom Sawyer

    Thank you for this suggestion. Such a fence will be a nice addition. :)


    I have lots of knowledge about architecture from rural sweden, mostly from the north. If you would ever need help with ideas or other skins! Hope you have a happy new year.

     Tom Sawyer

    A happy new year for you, too! Your knowledge is very welcome. I collect ideas for the development of a next version.


    Any forum where we can leave ideas and suggestions? Preferable where i can post pictures. :)

     Tom Sawyer

    You can join the discussion thread on :)


Did it get uploaded to steam? new to this site and mods.. i hear there is an aging mod i should get also?

EDIT Thanks to BU4U for leading me here!

     Tom Sawyer

    Welcome to this mod! Yes, it’s available on Steam now. The Norseman add-on as well. Check my Steam workshop from the link on top of this site. :)


This is all looking fantastic!
When is it likely to hit Steam?

     Tom Sawyer

    Hi, Ashantin here. ;) I think it will be uploaded to Steam this week.


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