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One house to smoke it all

Have you ever thought, the traditional smoking shed in your Nordic town looks like a toilet? If yes then this might be interesting for you. ;)

It was first suggested by Ashantin in an older play-through (check out her youtube channel if you like some relaxing Banished gameplay) and recently asked again in forum. So I dug out an old sketch that was already made for a proper smokehouse in old Nordic style. It’s just a simple cabin with entrance at its gable end and openings on both sides where smoke can get out. I planned a sod roof to match the log cabins and this was my concept:

smokehouse sketch

Now, the model is finished for Banished and I included the idea of Brandice to let them take all suitable fish and meat automatically. It can be a nice alternative for growing villages where you don’t want to micromanage production anymore, always switching when beef or salmon is out. The smokehouse also keeps all raw food inside and works faster than the shed.

Our options for modding are limited and one problem of this approach I could not fully solve.. Sometimes it starts a smoking turn even with a smaller stack of food as actually required. This causes a negative value in inventory until new material is stored. The result after refilling the house and all tracked statistics are correct. So it’s more a graphical glitch that could only be fixed with access to the core game. Here the working smokehouse in game.

smokehouse in game

You can try it out from the download below. The mod is made for North 6.2 but also compatible with vanilla Banished and most other mods. More game details about this object you can find in wiki/smokehouse.

Edit: After some more testing we found a bug when demolishing the house caused by the catch-all function that is more than just glitch and can’t be solved by modding. The smokehouse is now set to manual switching of product options and available as version 2. For running games it’s recommended to demolish the old cabin before copying the new version into mod folder.


smokehouse  (1.3 MB) – Version 2 – June 29, 2019
For all the fish and meat of your village.


 Bryan Swartz

Just wanted to thanks for all your continued work on this!

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