Banished Ventures

Ale House

Ale HouseThe ale house is a medieval workplace to brew and also drink a lot of ale. Innkeepers can also get alcohol from outside or roast some meat for your villagers.

Size: 7 x 6 tiles
Building material: 128 Logs, 36 Stones, 22 Glass Panes, 6 Fittings, 8 Pottery
Building time: 192
Worker: 1 innkeeper
Radius: 30 tiles for happiness (Entertainment)
Risk on fire: High

Related buildings: Tavern

Last edited on 24 December 2019



Is this just a smaller version of the mead hall?

     Tom Sawyer

    Rather the more developed version in a later stage of the game or in history. It is also faster producing ale than a mead hall.

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