Banished Ventures


banished wheelbarrowWheelbarrows are used by traders and vendors to transport resources more efficient. They allow to carry 5 times more resources by a worker. Barrows are made from wood and some iron fittings in a workshop or smithy.

Classified as: Utensils
Produced by: Smithy and Blacksmith Shop
Output: 2 from 1 Log and 1 Iron Fittings
Trade value: 28 – 38
Used storage: 35

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Wheelbarrows are “utensils” aka “crafted items”, not “forged items”.
They share the same limit as pottery as glass items.

If you want to make some, but get the up-arrow-with-a-stop-line, due to too many items, lifting the “forged items” limit will not help, instead increase the “utensil” limit.


    Holy pifpaf, thank you – was going insane over this. Cheers!



Who can help me?

I need a Blacksmith Shop to build this.
But there i need a Glass Pann for, but i need to trade it.
But for building the Small Trading Dock, i need the Barrow?

This is a loop!
So what am i missing?

     Tom Sawyer

    Hi Kiono, you missed the small smithy which can be build in early game without glass.

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