Banished Ventures


BrickyardA brickyard produces bricks and roof tiles as materials for modern constructions. A lot of firewood is needed as fuel to reach the high temperature for burning clay. Usually some clay pits are built around it.

Size: 8 x 6
Building costs: 33 Logs, 24 Stones, 80 Bricks, 34 Tiles, 8 Glass Panes, 5 Fittings
Building time: 184
Worker: 1 brickmaker
Product: 3 – 4 Bricks or Roof Tiles from 3 Clay and 3 Firewood
Worktime: 40 per turn (fast)
Radius: 10 tiles happiness detraction
Risk on fire: Low

Related objects: Clay Pits, Glass Factory

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They are only traded by the hanseatic merchants which are kind of uncommon.
The best ways I found to increase your odds are:

1: Build multiple trading docks for higher chances of getting those rare goods.
2: Big trading dock has a bigger chance for hanseatic merchants if I’m not mistaken.
3: When the hanseatic merchant arrives, but is not carrying any bricks make sure to order them every time (you need to repeat this process for every trading dock and every individual merchant)

This worked pretty well for me and if I have enough trading docks and always order bricks I found I didn’t even need the brickyard anymore…


I’ve been trying to build a brickyard for ages now, but none of the traders seem to have any bricks available to order. Am I missing something, or could it be a bug?

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