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Banished SauerkrautSauerkraut is a new preserved foodstuff in the North, made from cabbages and a small amount of salt. It improves your supply of healthy and tasty vegetables. For now, the only place to make sauerkraut is the workshop attached to log cabins.

Classified as: Food | Vegetables
Production: 60 – 64 from 48 Cabbage and 1 Salt
Used storage: 3
Trade value: 2 – 3

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It´s made in the workshop that you can add right or left to the log cabins. They are in the house menu, that´s maybe why you haven´t found them.

     Tom Sawyer

    I added a hint here in description.


How do you make sauerkraut and jam and the likes? Can’t find a building to produce it in.

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