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banished troutTrout is a common freshwater fish in the North and can be caught in all waters, even in recultivated pits and quarries. Special constructions like piers or docks are not necessary but fishing without a proper tool is waste of time and its preservation is important. Considering this, trouts are a rich food source for your people.

Classified as: Food | Protein
Produced by: Fishing
Processed into: Salted Fish and Smoked Fish
Output: about 5 per turn depending on location and overfishing
Required storage: 1
Trade value: 1 – 2

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Last edited on 31 August 2019



Note: Conjecture/Hint? For highest protein yield per tile:

– Normal total = 333 to 416 per year
– Via “Method” total = 386 to 468 per year (?? check math)

Any location of “stream” (always without pier) fished for trout should, once per year, be fished for “crawfish” until they are depleted.

– Then returning to trout fishing, until the next year > repeating cycle

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