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The North

A new adventure for hard-bitten banished people. The winters are harsh and the summers short. Farming is severely limited. But this country offers new opportunities by commodity production and trade. The landscape is characterized by extensive forests and large herds of reindeer. An icy wind blows in winter and cranes call in the summery wetlands. Start a new game in the Nordic wilderness and take the challenge.


New terrain textures and map types. Ambient sounds of birds, wind and rain. Realistic sun pitches and climates graded from mild to harsh. Increased wood production, rich stone and ore deposits. Salmon, trouts and crayfish in the rivers for high fish production. Reindeer and black grouses for hunting. Coins for trading. Nordic log cabins and red cottages, typical storage barns, a village hall and a school, a new tavern and a wooden chapel to attract nomads. A village shop to provide food and a warehouse to provide raw materials for manufacturing. New production buildings for iron processing and brick making. Active hunting and fishing as well as a trapper to hunt fur animals in the Nordic forests. New start conditions for different play styles and many more small changes for a Nordic game experience.

DOWNLOAD (63.8 MB) – Last updated: June 16, 2017 – Changelog


TheNorthDE.pkm (3.3 MB) – German translation
TheNorthRU.pkm (3.6 MB) – Russian translation
TheNorthSE.pkm (3.3 MB) – Swedish translation (objects and resources)


The following mods are particularly suited to be combined with the Nordic theme. Place them below the North in your mod list and the additional buildings and resources will be adapted to the Nordic economy:


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5 comments on “THE NORTH”

  1. Darran White says:

    It seems that the majority of the recommended mods are not compatible with “The North”, and I’m not able to get a bakery because of this. I have attempted to start a game with them activated despite the incompatibility warning, making sure the North mod was on top, and my game crashes about 10 minutes in every time. Suggestions?

    1. Tom Sawyer says:

      Hi Darran, please always exit and restart Banished after changing your mod list. It avoids such crashes. The red markings only point to overwriten files and are not a problem.

  2. Adam Surdek says:

    Hi Tom, unfortunately your solution doesn’t seem to work. I enable mods i want, change mod list etc., then restart game and still game crashes. Any ideas?

    PS. game runs normally when i enable only compatible mods.
    I am using 1.07 version of the game.

    1. Tom Sawyer says:

      Then it is probably caused by these incompatible mods. You can run the North with 1.0.7 beta of Banished but if you add mods using beta features, there will be problems and even crashes. I hope Banished will be out of beta soon.

  3. rkc078 rkc078 says: (63.8 MB) И TheNorthRU.pkm (3.6 MB) конфликтуют между собой
    Как с этим бороться

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