Banished Ventures


The North

A new adventure for hard-bitten banished people. The winters are harsh and the summers short. Farming is severely limited. But this country offers new opportunities by commodity production and trade. The landscape is characterized by extensive forests and large herds of reindeer. An icy wind blows in winter and cranes call in the summery wetlands. Start a new game in the Nordic wilderness and take the challenge.


New terrain textures and map types. Ambient sounds of birds, wind and rain. Realistic sun pitches and climates graded from mild to harsh. Increased wood production, rich stone and ore deposits. Salmon, trouts and crayfish in the rivers for high fish production. Reindeer for venison and special warm clothes. Coins for trading. Historical red wooden cottages, barns, a Nordic school and a new tavern. A village shop to provide food and a warehouse to provide raw materials for manufacturing. New production buildings for iron processing and brickworks. Active hunting and fishing. Gathering wild fruits and firewood in the forest. New start conditions for different play styles and many more small changes for a Nordic game experience.

DOWNLOAD (50.4 MB) – Game Version 4.6 – Last updated: Jan 26, 2017 – Changelog (50.2 MB) – Test Version including Debug options


TheNorthDE.pkm (3.4 MB) – German language for your Nordic Game (version 4)

TheNorthRU.pkm (51.3 MB) – Russian full version 4.3


The following mods are particularly suited to be combined with the Nordic theme. Place them below the North in your mod list and the additional buildings and resources will be adapted to the Nordic gameplay:


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