Banished Ventures

Let’s Build a Hunting Camp

Since the Hunting Cabin is a midgame item requiring glass and not everyone likes to micromanage so much, the idea of a simple but permanent workplace for hunters came up. Let’s build it!


Picture Puzzle

Banished in the woods, you need a good eye for everything edible. Proof your survival skill and let me know in comments what will be in the cooking pot this evening!

Update – North 7 “Vikings”

You can now download and play North 7. This update has its focus on old Nordic style from Viking era and expands especially the early stage of a game. It also fills gaps in building set beyond medieval and polishes many other aspects of the mod.

Let’s Build a Fording

One more suggested item I want to build now and it should go pretty fast. It is an opportunity to cross streams in the new seafarer scenario where you have to struggle with rare wood.

Let’s Build a Healers Hut

The Beta test of North 7 is running and besides bug fixing, we found some gaps in gameplay. What the Vikings still need is something to use herbs befor the Herbalist Cabin can be built.

One house to smoke it all

The new smokehouse from your suggestions with a catch-all function for various fish and meat – now available for download and test-smoking.

15 Tips for Banished Survivors

Your banished people have a hard time surviving tough conditions in the North? Here you can find some tips and hints to get a viable start in a Survivor or Anders & Ella scenario…

Turf House – Preview Mod

The Viking Turf Houses from work in progress are now available as a separated preview mod. Main use of this new house type is in early game or in situations where wood is rare.


A new and specialized storehouse from Finland with a passageway and lots of space for clothes, tools and utensils. Single mod and ready for download.

Nordic Infirmary

A new model is just finished, out of the row but filling a gap in the current North mod. The vanilla hospital can now be replaced by this new building from Finland.

Modding Diary – October 2018

Check out the new work in progress for Banished such as flax production, specialized and bigger storehouses as well as a reworked trading post to remove the last vanilla flavor.

Athena Artiste

A new Banished veteran is venturing north. Let’s play with Athena Artiste and a nice bunch of additional mods from Kid, Embx, RedKetchup and Discrepancy.

Modding Diary – September 2018

End of September and time for some more news about the current work in progress, such as wooden idols and a pagan temple for the old gods. And some downloads of finished items.

Modding Diary – August 2018

New models in progress: Building pit houses, making pottery, tailoring tunics and weaving linen as well as repairing a broken windmill…


Modding Diary – July 2018

Version 7 of the North mod is in progress. See what new models were made in the last weeks, like Viking turf houses, frame houses and more.

Frame House Sketches

How-To: Happiness

How the happiness system works in Banished and how to make your people fully happy in the North since the latest mod updates.

happiness example